Season 4 Episode 9

The Opera

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1992 on NBC

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  • A good example of dark comedy

    This episode is rather memorable, since it is one of the few Seinfeld episodes where I honestly felt a little nervous watching it. The scenes with Joe Davola before and after dressing up as a clown are a little unsettling (especially with his "crazy" reputation), yet still funny, which makes the episode have an overall dark comedic feeling to it. The sensation that Joe is "after" Jerry also makes the episode a little unpredictable. However, the writing is impeccable and it certainly represents one of the series' best episodes in one of the best seasons. This one definitely stands out.
  • Crazy Joe is so funny!

    Kramer convinces Jerry to go to an opera. Elaine is now dating Crazy Joe who tells Jerry he is going to suffer because thanks to him he lose his job, Jerry is so afraid of him, so much that he locks up the door (not even letting Kramer to enter the apartment as he usually does). Elaine discovers his boyfriend, who is also Crazy Joe, following her around, so she decides to end the relationship, Crazy Joe tells her she is going to suffer too since he thinks she left her for another guy. As Susan is not coming to the opera, George decides to resell the ticket he has, and he ends up selling it to a fat guy. Jerry and Elaine discover Crazy Joe in the clown costume and they tried to hide themselves in the opera, and they are safe at least until Kramer tells them that he sold the other ticket to Crazy Joe. End of the episode, this episode is really cool, I love it!
  • Review

    This is one good episode of the TV show Seinfeld witch is called the opera Larry Charles does a wonder job with crazy Joe and Kramer being afraid of clowns and George scouting Opera tickets which is the best part of this episode of Seinfeld the best scene came in Jerry's apartment where told Kramer to music off witch turned off music that he did not know was in the opera and he and George arguing about their tuxes witch was very funny this is a great funny nice episode of Seinfeld with a good stories in it End end
  • How hilarious.

    I don't like clowns and this was an episode that didn't help the cause. I found this episode to be really good and I liked the fact that it wasn't too difficult to follow. Jerry and Elaine were talking about the same guy the entire time. This guy they were referring to was a complete crazy person. I thought this was an entertaining episode that was well written and well acted with great timing. Norammly, I would say a few things that the show lacked, but I don't feel like it now. This was pretty good overall and I enjoyed it. Thank you.
  • Crazy Joe Davola returns.

    Well this episode is sort of an after math of the last two episodes. you see Elaine talking to Joe Davola. And now in this episode, she finally finds out he is crazy. And boy is he crazy. I thought he was going to kill Elaine. Jerry finds out that is the Joey that she was talking about and decide to hide out in the opera with Kramer. Turns out Kramer sold the ticket to Joe. Uh Oh! Sort of a cliffhanger, but overall one of the best in the season. I like how George ends up sending his ticket for less than a profit. That was amazingly hilarious!
  • The gang has tickets to the opera. Naturally madness ensues. We see the night of the opera through several different points of view.

    So, the gang has tickets to the opera and while George and Kramer try to sell their extra tickets, Elaine and Jerry are being stalked by "crazy" Joe Davola. This episode is a riot. It's one of those episode where the audience gets to follow four different stories. We see Crazy Joe, George, Kramer, and Elaine and Jerry's experiences before the opera starts. The episode a little grim in some parts involving Crazy Joe, but it is no less hilarious. When Elaine maces Joe after getting trapped in his apartment their interaction is great. The whole plot the Crazy Joe is going to put the "kibosh" on Jerry is classic.
  • The Opera

    This is without doubt one of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld. So many hilarious gags including one that was so funny that didn't even have a laugh track (Joe Devola beating up three people in the park.)

    Joe Devola was such a brilliant character and they should've figured out a way to bring him in more ala Newman. It was just a waste for such a funny, unique personality to only be on for a few episodes.

    "So what, I'm a comedian of the United States, and I tell you I'm under just as much pressure!"

    9.5/10 Definitely check this one out.