Season 5 Episode 22

The Opposite

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 19, 1994 on NBC

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  • But in a good way!

    Every time George lies, cheats and steals trying to get girls, he always winds up on the wrong side of the tracks and when that happens, the episode doesn't have a happy ending for him.

    That is, until this episode. Where he decides to tell the truth and do the exact OPPOSITE of what he does. He starts with his famous line: "My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents". LOL

    And things go great for George, he meets a beautiful girl, he doesn't act like a wimp, and he gets a job working for the New York Yankees!!!!

    As for Elaine, she starts to do the exact opposite, and nothing goes right for her. She gets fired, gets thrown out of her apartment and finally concludes: "I'M GEORGE! I'M GEORGE!!!"

    Unfortunately, George couldn't tell the truth for long because in the next season, he's right back to lying again! :P