Season 5 Episode 22

The Opposite

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 19, 1994 on NBC

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  • Up is down, left is right, black is white, night is day, and Elaine is the new George. Jerry discovers that everything in his life "evens out", Kramer promotes the coffee table book, and Elaine and George both experience a change in their fates.

    There are so many good things about this episode. Let's start with Kramer. His coffee table book about coffee tables gets published and he promotes it on Regis and Kathy Lee. Pendant Publishing responds negatively to his TV appearance after he spits out his coffee and makes out with Kathy. Meanwhile, George decides that every instinct he has is wrong, and that by doing the opposite of what he would normally do, he can lead a successful life. George's new outlook lands him a job at the Yankees and an apartment away from his parents. Jerry, on the other hand, comes to the conclusion that everything in his life has a way of evening out. For instance, the same day he looses twenty dollars, he finds twenty more dollars in his coat pocket. Lastly, Elaine's life falls apart when she brings about the end of Pendant Publishing, gets kicked out of her apartment, and looses her boyfriend. Of all of the hilariously crazy things in this episode, Elaine's story is my favorite. The fact that her boyfriend brakes up with her because she stopped to buy candy after finding out he was in a car accident is hysterical. But I think the funniest Elaine moments in this episode are the ones where we find out why Elaine is getting kicked out of her apartment. First of all, she buzzed up a jewel thief into the building, then she buzzed up a pack of Jehovah's Witness who won't vacate the building, and then we find out she uses Canadian quarters in the washing machines. All in all, this episode is great and if you don't want to watch it just for the Elaine moments, then watch it because it is among the finest Seinfeld has to offer. It is truly a great episode.