Season 8 Episode 5

The Package

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 1996 on NBC

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  • Great!

    I haven't seen this episode in ten years, but I remembered it yesterday and decided it's my favorite Seinfeld episode. So many great things: the American Medical Association calling Elaine in the middle of the night to confirm the spelling of her name; Newman's co-worker dozing off as Newman tries to interrogate Jerry; Kramer exclaiming "Now they have a chart on me!"; Uncle Leo getting "blown up" (or so we first think) by a mail bomb meant for Jerry; and Elaine, Kramer, and Uncle Leo arriving at a rural vet's office for treatment-- until that office gets a phone call.
  • Season 8, Episode 5.

    This episode is pretty funny. Kramer doesn't know what a write off is. LMAO! Neither do I... Nobody lets Elaine sees her chart. Then, she poses as Uncle Leo's nurse, named Paloma. LMAO Newman. Kramer was taking nude photography pictures of George! He was only in underwear! LMAO! It was all to impress a worker who develops his pictures. LMAO! And a guy ends up developing them! Newman: It's pretty hot under these lights, isn't it, Seinfeld?
    Seinfeld: Actually, I'm pretty comfortable.

    LMAO! Kramer doesn't know Elaine's last name! ROTFL! Kramer poses as a doctor to get Elaine's chart, and they get a chart on him too! Great episode!
  • Suspicion of mail fraud!

    The Mail Fraud, the episode that really showed me why Seinfeld is far and away the greatest sitcom of all time. This was a true situational comedy, something the show wasn't always, as all the storylines ended up costing everybody royally in the end. You really did not have a dull moment in the broadcast, and as far as Newman performances go, this has to be one of his best.

    "It's pretty hot under these lights, huh, Seinfeld?" "Actually, I'm quite comfortable." Just a brilliant exchange and proof that these later episodes of Seinfeld still had some mojo, despite not holding up with all the old ones.
  • Awkward!

    The one word that I could describe this episode with is "Awkward!" Seriously. No joke. The Art of Deduction was kinda of funny when Cramer said it, but seriously, the gay postman thing kind of freaked me out at the end and poor George getting talked into that. The part of this episode I liked though was when Elaine kept getting basically murdered through curiousity by the doctors, I mean it is so cruel for her! I mean it was funny though, it was like, they walk out saying she will be ok, and then she asks for help and then they write about her. That must be painful, I wonder if doctors really do do that. Writing that there difficult? Ha, pricless. So, great episode, although kinda strange.