Season 3 Episode 3

The Pen

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 1991 on NBC

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  • Now, this was just an amazing episode.

    Elaine's back hurts, Jerry takes a pen from Jack, and the elders are very insane in Florida. Wow, what an episode. Stella! Stella! Now in my DVD order, the Library was before The Pen. So, this episode wasn't the first classic Seinfeld episode. It was the second. Mr. Bookman Made the library episode. Now in this episode, Julia's performance was spectacular. Jerry's was also. Everybody's performance was great! I couldn't believe how good this episode was.

    Anyways, I thought the whole storyline was brilliant. As for Jason's offense of not being on the episode, I was a little angry at him for that. Michael was a good sport and had no problem. And I saw the inside look, and wow, did he come on strong to Larry. "If you write me out of one more episode, don't expect me to come back." Please. I know he was offended, but everybody else missed a few episodes. Other than Jerry, but he's the title character.
  • the best and uproarious episode of Seinfeld ever! beyond the score 10

    "The Pen" was fan-frickin'-tastic. Every single scene had lots of laughs. There was not a dull moment at all.
    The story just makes fun of how harsh it can be when you're staying at a relatives' house in Florida.
    Jerry gets serious sun burn from scuba diving. Elaine's back aches terribly from sleeping from an uncomfortable couch pullout bed.
    Jerry's father's boss Jack persuades him into taking his pen, and gossips go about in the community. Jerry's parents get upset.
    Later on in the meeting, All hell breaks loose as Elaine is goofy from the medications (STELLA!) and Jerry's father quarrels with Jack about the pen.
    My favorite character George seemed to be missing from "The Pen", but it still was funny without him.
    I love this episode way more than the Emmy award winning episode "The Contest."
    Pure Classic! I can just watch "The Pen" again and again.
  • So funny!!

    Oh my gosh, I have to admit that this would have to be one of my favourite Seinfeld episodes of all time. Everytime I've watched it, I haven't been able to stop laughing for quite a while.

    Elaine on some kinda of drug for the pain in her back is just so funny ... "STELLA!!"

    And when the photographer gets them to say "Astronaut" (I'm pretty sure that was the word) ... Elaine says "Astro-what?"

    Absolutely hilarious episode!!
  • It still works.

    The Pen is the first classic episode of Season 3, according to airing order. We first meet Jack Klompus and get our first glimpses of Florida.

    Jerry gets himself in a lot of trouble when he takes a pen from his parent's neighbor Jack Klompus, which causes all sorts of problems, plus, Elaine has to sleep on an uncomfortable couch.

    I think this is a great episode, from the opening to the end. It's quite different than what we're used to seeing. No George, no Kramer. It's quite weird. But definitely an example of classic Seinfeld. Hooray to Larry and Jerry and Season 3.
  • Just like the real oldies!

    This episode is a classic example of what the old folk are really like. They argue about things that young people would never even talk about. My parents dont yet because they are only in there 40s. But by the time they hit the 50 mark, they will soon sound like Jerrys parents!

    This well-written episode is definatly in my top 5 of season 3. All the old people in the cast made me laugh at the way they delivered their lines.

    Even though 2 of the main charactors did not star in this episode, it still was one of the best!
  • It is finally revealed!

    I like this episode because it finally reveals what happened between Elaine & Jerry. They broke up during the summer, I like how Jerry gets the pen & eventually makes a big deal everywhere in Florida, I also liked how this episode only focused on Elaine & Jerry, Kramer & George didn't appear in this episode. My favorite scene is in which Elaine is on the bed & she is sweating & Jerry comes in & all Elaine does is complain, her complaining is hysterical, I also like how in the end, the country club went completely insane, just because of the pen, a great episode.
  • Kind of boring.

    I don't know, maybe it's the generic picture of the early 90's, but for some reason, I thought that this episode was really boring. It wasn't a bad episode, which is why I didn't give the show a lower rating. It was just so slow paced and so stiff in terms of the plot and comedy. I did like the acting as I thought that it was really good. The interaction between the characters is what I found hilarious. It always makes me scratch my head to why they fight over the most stupid things. Overall, it was an okay episode. Thank you.