Season 3 Episode 14

The Pez Dispenser

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 1992 on NBC

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  • Pretty good...

    The setback about this episode is that it tends to be one that everybody forgets about. Some people who do remember dislike it, which is really too bad since it is not a bad episode at all!

    The basic outline of the story is as follows: Kramer gives Jerry a pez dispenser which causes Elaine to laugh during George's girlfriend's recital; Kramer joins the "polar bears" swim team and has an idea to make a colone (sp?) that smells like the beach; Jerry holds an intervention for somebody he hasn't seen for over 2 years; and the PEZ DESPESNDER fits into all of that.

    As all Seinfeld episodes, I highly recommend viewing this one if you already have not. This is one of the episodes that can still frequently be seen on the FOX network.
  • a hilarious episode

    I first saw this episode because my friend referred to it after we had a similar situation at the gym where he put my water bottle on the weights as i was using them and i started laughing.

    The fact that we can all relate to these stupid but funny situations is exactly what makes this show so funny. The line from george: "I've got so much hand I'm coming out of my glove" is hilarious as is the whole conversation.

    The ending was also very humourous:

    What's a three letter word for candy?
    I could never do those things

    This episode represents what this show is all about.

  • Intervention.

    This episode was pretty weird, how can a Pez dispenser make Elaine laugh like crazy, that was pretty messed up, I felt sorry for the girlfriend, but at the end, I felt sorry for George when she broke up with him. And the Pez dispenser turned out to be something that saved someone's life at an intervention,and the friend hits on Elaine when she is obviously is not interesting, also I like the girl who plays the girlfriend, it reminds me of Susan, (long-term girlfriend of George in future episodes) Anyways an okay episode , seems a bit unrealistic but whatever.