Season 2 Episode 4

The Phone Message

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jerry dates a woman who likes a Dockers Jeans commercial that Jerry hates. They argue about the commercial and she leaves. Jerry contemplates with his friends whether or not he can continue dating someone who likes such a ridiculous commercial. The next day, George accidentally mentions to her that Jerry told him that she likes the commercial. She yells at Jerry for making fun of her with his friends and he tries to downplay the situation, but then Kramer walks in, points at her, and exclaims "Dockers jeans." She storms out upset.

A friend of George's challenges him to ask a woman out on a date. He refuses until the friend calls him a 'wuss.' George calls the woman to ask her out and chews an apple while on the phone to sound casual. At the end of the date, she asks him if he wants to come up for coffee. George declines and then realizes on his way home that she was really inviting him up to have sex. He freaks out and leaves her a message the next day explaining his mistake. After she doesn't call back, he leaves her progressively crazier messages for the next few days before she calls him from out of town explaining that she hasn't gotten any of her messages, but would like to see him again. George asks Jerry to switch the tape in her answering machine with a new one so she won't hear his crazy messages. Jerry refuses until George calls him a 'wuss.' They wait for her outside her apartment and Jerry tells George to come up with a code word. Jerry mocks him after he suggests they use the word 'tippy-toe' or the song 'How do you solve a problem like Maria?' They settle on the song 'Lemon Tree' before she arrives. To get her to invite them up Jerry asks to use the restroom. She says there is one in the café next door, so George whispers to her that Jerry has a phobia about public restrooms. Once inside, George distracts her while Jerry switches the tape. As they leave her apartment she mentions to George that her roommate told her about his messages and she thought they were a hilarious joke.