Season 4 Episode 23

The Pilot (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 20, 1993 on NBC

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  • Sort of ironic, isn't it?

    Well just saying, it is quite ironic how the season finale of the fourth season is called the pilot. And not the first episode, just putting that out there. I love the casting scenes! That Crazy intense chick who plays Elaine, is priceless! Also I like how Kramer is all backed up. He has to use a tube!? Ouch! The Russel guy, doesn't he have a wife. Anyways, Elaine is pretty straightforward on turning this guy down. And Russel wont take no for an answer. Other than that, nothing much really happens in this episode, it is all just build up for part two, so I guess I will see you in the next review!