Season 2 Episode 2

The Pony Remark

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 1991 on NBC
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Jerry worries that he may have killed an old relative, after he offends her with an off-the-cuff comment about hating kids who had ponies growing up.

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  • It works on so many levels!

    I think this was one of the earliest truly brilliant Seinfeld episodes. I actually thought the context in which Jerry made the pony remark seemed a little staged, but what followed was hilarious, with Jerry trying to defend himself, then agonising over whether he killed her, and whether he was obliged to attend the funeral. Barney Martin, playing the recast role of Morty Seinfeld, was brilliant, and would continue to be throughout the series, a much better choice then the original actor. His suggestion of catching a military transport flight home was so typical. I thought one of the funniest parts though was Kramers intention of installing levels in his apartment, and the ensuing argument over what the bet was for. And I also enjoyed George wondering how he was ever have the chance to have sex again, oblivious to the totally unrelated conversation that was occuring.moreless
  • I had a pony!

    One of the most genius episodes of Seinfeld ever. So well done and such an accurate portrayal of how painful family get togethers can be and how one comment can be interrupted the wrong way and lead to chaos. This was possibly Morty's best episode in series history. From, "You have any idea what this funeral's gonna end up costing me? Oh, boy." to the base in Sarasota, to everything else, just an epic performance by one of the best supporting characters in sitcom history.

    If you did not enjoy this episode, you probably are simply not a fan of good television.moreless
  • Just a wonderful classic foot in mouth moment, with the staging well thought out from the small chair of Elaine’s as the shrinking violet to Manya sitting at the head of the table. And back peddling banter was so funny.moreless

    I have been there insert foot in mouth. This episode brings back those times when all you wanted to do was hide from the embarrassment and then trying to back peddle is classic. And putting Elaine in a small chair was great it just added to the whole feeling of the moment. And lets not forget Jerry just adding to the whole situation. Over the years I have seen Rozsi Freedman or(Rozsika Halmos as her stage name) play a number of characters, but this one as Manya was very menorable for me. She pasted away a number of years ago and being able to see her every now and then brings a smile to me face. She was my Great Aunt and it is nice to see she can still bring join and laughter to peoples hearts.moreless
  • One of my most favorite early episodes.

    The Pony Remark is one of my most favorite early episodes of all-time. You could really say that this was the episode that really won me over to the show and really got me to start paying more attention to the show. The thing about this episode is it's got some really great dialogue in it and the plot is really funny. This episode, unlike later installments really just has one plot and sticks to just one story. Although, it can be argued that the whole situation with George and Jerry and the softball game is a separate issue. I consider it linked with the original plot of Jerry thinking he killed Manya.moreless
  • One of the few early episodes to really put across the greatness that was Seinfeld.

    Following a slow season 1 but an exhilirating start to Season 2, The Pony Remark sees the first classic episode of Seinfeld and a must - see for fans.

    Jerry's parents are staying over so they can attend a dinner with one their European relatives named Manya but when Jerry and Elaine start a conversation that ends with Jerry saying "I hate anyone that ever had a pony when they were growing up." Manya then angrily states that she had a pony and storms out; the next day she dies but Jerry can't help but feel that it's his fault so he cancels his long - awaited softball game to attend the funeral.

    As you can see the plot is very orginal on paper but the acting out of it is even better but is evenly balanced with Jerry's hilarious monologues and the gang's conversations on "nothing" which makes this the first truly funny episode of Seinfeld.

    A lot of this episode deals with the introduction and development of characters; such as Jerry's Uncle Leo (Len Lesser) who makes his debut here and while he grown into one of the most memorable recurring characters on the show i felt he was a little muted in this. Jerry's Dad Morty (Barney Martin) also makes his first appearence as Jerry's Dad in an earlier episode was played by Phillip Bruns; the change in casting was a blessing as Martin is just more natural in the role of Morty and his chemistry with Liz Sheridan as Jerry's Mom is a lot more convincing.

    Elaine is given probably the most screen time in this episode than any episode before this one to somehow develop her character but the storyline of her enquiring about the deceased's apartment is just too brief to be memorable with her not having one effective punchline to utter and Elaine proves that she's too weak a character to hold up an episode at this point. George and Kramer are given not much more than cameo roles in The Pony Remark but they light up in the time they're given. Kramer's insane plan about removing all his furniture and building "levels" is a great diversion. George isn't given a storyline in this episode but rather pnly two memorable scenes the first one not until about halfway through the episode. But both of them involve the gang engaging in a humourous discussion which shows that George is funny in any length.

    The performances are from the main 4 are solid except when Jerry is meant to be remorseful where he shows a huge lack of range and the older castmembers nail their roles.

    The episode ends on the most amusingly ironic line spoken since the end of "Of mice and men" and it caps off an excellent and overall classic episode of Seinfeld.moreless
Rozsika Halmos

Rozsika Halmos


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David Fresco

David Fresco


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Scott N. Stevens

Scott N. Stevens


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Larry David

Larry David


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Liz Sheridan

Liz Sheridan

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Barney Martin

Barney Martin

Morty Seinfeld

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the first time Jerry's unseen cousin Jeffery is mentioned.

    • Jerry is left handed, yet his baseball glove is for a right handed player. I guess it's possible for him to throw with his right hand, but I think this was simply a prop, and a continuity flaw.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Jerry: I hate anybody who had a pony growing up.
      Manya: I had a pony!
      Jerry: Well, I didn't mean a pony per se…
      Manya: When I was a little girl in Poland, we all had ponies. My sister had pony, my cousin had pony. So, what's wrong with that?
      Jerry: Nothing. Nothing at all. I was just expressing…
      Helen: Should we have coffee? Who's having coffee?
      Manya: He was a beautiful pony. And I loved him!
      Jerry: Well, I'm sure you did. Who wouldn't love a pony? Who wouldn't love a person who had a pony?
      Manya: You! You said so!

    • (George, Jerry and Elaine are sitting at a table. Jerry and George are wearing baseball uniforms.)
      George: Who gets picked off in softball? It's unheard of.
      Jerry: It's never happened to me before.
      Elaine: I remember saying to myself, "Why is Jerry so far off the base?"
      Jerry: I'll have to live with this shame for the rest of my life.
      (George consults his stat sheet of the game)
      George: And then in the fifth inning, why did you take off on the pop fly?
      Jerry: I thought there were two outs.
      Elaine: I couldn't believe it when I saw you running. (laughing) I thought maybe they had changed the rules or something.
      Jerry: It was the single worst moment of my life.
      George: What about Sharon Besser?
      Jerry: Oh, well, of course. Nineteen seventy three.
      Elaine: Makes you wonder, though, doesn't it?
      Jerry: Wonder about what?
      Elaine: You know… (looking up) the spirit world.
      Jerry: You think Manya showed up during the game and put a hex on me?
      Elaine: I never saw anyone play like that.
      Jerry: But I went to the funeral.
      Elaine: Yeah, but that doesn't make up for killing her.
      George: Maybe Manya missed the funeral because she was off visiting another galaxy that day.
      Jerry: Don't you think she would've heard I was there?
      George: Not necessarily.
      Jerry: Who figures an immigrant's gonna have a pony?
      (Elaine laughs)

    • George: I cannot envision any circumstance in which I however have the opportunity to have sex again.

    • George: I just don't see what purpose is it going to serve your going? I mean, you think dead people care who's at the funeral? They don't even know they're having a funeral. It's not like she's hanging out in the back going, "I can't believe Jerry didn't show up".
      Elaine: Maybe she's there in spirit. How about that?
      George: If you're a spirit, and you can travel to other dimensions and galaxies, and find out the mysteries of the universe, you think she's going to want to hang around Drexler's funeral home on Ocean Parkway?

    • Elaine: And what about the pony huh? What kind of abnormal animal is that?
      Jerry: They're like big riding dogs.

    • Kramer: You don't think I can do it.
      Jerry: I know that you can't, and I'm positive that you won't.

    • Jerry: He talks about him like he split the atom. He works for the Parks Department.

    • Jerry: I don't even know them. What is she, your second cousin? I mean, I've met them three times in my life.
      Morty: I don't know her either. She makes me fly all the way from Florida for this, and then she criticizes my jacket.

    • Jerry: (to Monya) These peas are bursting with country fresh flavor.

    • Jerry: If I have to sit next to Uncle Leo, I am leaving, He's always grabbin' my arm when he talks to me. That's probably because so many people have left in the middle of his conversation.

    • Helen: (to Jerry) At least come and say hello, have a cup of coffee, then you'll leave.
      Morty: How come he gets to leave?

    • Jerry: I didn't know she had a pony. How was I to know she had a pony? Who figures an immigrant's going to have a pony? Do you know what the odds are on that? I mean, in all the pictures I saw of immigrants on boats coming into New York harbor, I never saw one of them sitting on a pony. Why would anybody come here if they had a pony? Who leaves a country packed with ponies to come to a non-pony country? It doesn't make sense.. am I wrong?

  • NOTES (2)