Season 2 Episode 2

The Pony Remark

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 1991 on NBC

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  • One of the few early episodes to really put across the greatness that was Seinfeld.

    Following a slow season 1 but an exhilirating start to Season 2, The Pony Remark sees the first classic episode of Seinfeld and a must - see for fans.

    Jerry's parents are staying over so they can attend a dinner with one their European relatives named Manya but when Jerry and Elaine start a conversation that ends with Jerry saying "I hate anyone that ever had a pony when they were growing up." Manya then angrily states that she had a pony and storms out; the next day she dies but Jerry can't help but feel that it's his fault so he cancels his long - awaited softball game to attend the funeral.

    As you can see the plot is very orginal on paper but the acting out of it is even better but is evenly balanced with Jerry's hilarious monologues and the gang's conversations on "nothing" which makes this the first truly funny episode of Seinfeld.

    A lot of this episode deals with the introduction and development of characters; such as Jerry's Uncle Leo (Len Lesser) who makes his debut here and while he grown into one of the most memorable recurring characters on the show i felt he was a little muted in this. Jerry's Dad Morty (Barney Martin) also makes his first appearence as Jerry's Dad in an earlier episode was played by Phillip Bruns; the change in casting was a blessing as Martin is just more natural in the role of Morty and his chemistry with Liz Sheridan as Jerry's Mom is a lot more convincing.

    Elaine is given probably the most screen time in this episode than any episode before this one to somehow develop her character but the storyline of her enquiring about the deceased's apartment is just too brief to be memorable with her not having one effective punchline to utter and Elaine proves that she's too weak a character to hold up an episode at this point. George and Kramer are given not much more than cameo roles in The Pony Remark but they light up in the time they're given. Kramer's insane plan about removing all his furniture and building "levels" is a great diversion. George isn't given a storyline in this episode but rather pnly two memorable scenes the first one not until about halfway through the episode. But both of them involve the gang engaging in a humourous discussion which shows that George is funny in any length.

    The performances are from the main 4 are solid except when Jerry is meant to be remorseful where he shows a huge lack of range and the older castmembers nail their roles.

    The episode ends on the most amusingly ironic line spoken since the end of "Of mice and men" and it caps off an excellent and overall classic episode of Seinfeld.