Season 7 Episode 8

The Pool Guy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 1995 on NBC

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  • The Pool Guy

    This episode begins with the Jerry and Kramer going to a movie while their Jerry runs in to the pool guy at his health club and he wants to be friends with jerry but jerry does want to Elaine figures out that she has no female friends and Jerry think Susan would be perfect but George does not think so Kramer new phone number is mistaken for the moviefone and begins looking up times for movies for people. This is one of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld all of the stories are really funny my rating for the episode is 10 out of 10.
  • Krammer meets Mr. Moviefone.

    Jerry Seinfeld is being chased by the Pool guy. Elaine need a galfriend, so he become buddies with Geroge's girlfriend. He didn not like this this a bit and began his theory of mhow his world and their world shold be kept apart. Krammer has been get wrong numbers from people asking for movie infornation. So he became Mr. Moviefone. There is scene toward the end that I like. George enters a theater looking for Jerry, yelling his head off and finds out he's in the wrong movie theater and got kicked out by the ushers. Never a dull moment on Seinfeld.
  • See Review...

    I wanted to leave something under \\\"Episode Notes\\\" but was told that I couldn\\\'t since I am a level one user. So, here is something that is not found on any of the Seinfeld sites.

    Larry David\\\'s nephew, Callan David, is in this Episode. When everybody is throwing popcorn at George in the movie theater, look for the guy wearing a multi-colored \\\"Rastafarian beret.\\\" That is Larry\\\'s nephew sitting next to one of the writers of Seinfeld.
  • Oh my freakin gosh this was funny.

    Ok, the reason this episode didn't get a perfect score is because of Jerry's part, I mean it was funny but the least funny overall over the other three. I liked the part where Elaine called Jerry a child when they got tickets to the movie (I wonder how that worked out). George's whole thing was making me practically spit out whatever I was eating gosh it was horribly hilarious. Elaine and I thought they actually made pretty good friends, at least until the end of the episode. It's too bad they had to see a movie of all things together. And last but not least Kramer's story, which I also found un believably hilarious, escpecially when George called. So, very nice episode.
  • This episode is awesome.

    This is definitely in my top five episodes of the show. Kramer's Moviefone spoof is hilarious. It's funny the first time when Elaine calls and realizes it's Kramer. She says, "Kramer?" and Kramer says "Elaine..." in kind of a quivering voice. Hilarious!!!

    Another funny aspect to this episode is how Ramon is latching onto Jerry all of a sudden. One thing I'm trying to figure out is the two Asian guys who are friends of Ramon whom Jerry runs into in the locker room. They ask if Jerry went to see a movie with Ramon, and then they say "Tell Ramon we said hello." After they say that, they laugh. I wonder why.

    And of course the "Independent George" thing is pretty funny. George gets all pissed at Elaine...LOL

    Overall, this episode is very entertaining.
  • The Pool Guy

    Too many classic moments and lines here to recount. Love? Yeah, love. Hello, and welcome to Moviefone. What's filk? I'm a pool guy again.

    Just a brilliantly done episode that featured great storylines for all four of the central characters. The George storyline is actually very relatable. Everyone has their core group of friends and then their family and loved ones and they do in fact act differently around each one. Kramer would do something so stupid as to look up movies for people. And the friend that gets angry when you try to "break" up with him? While they already did that with Hornick, it was still great to see here.
  • Three for Chunnel, two adults, one child.

    Elaine needs someone to go to the met but can't find anyone. Jerry and George don't wanna do it so George thinks of an idea of bringing Susan along but realize that it could be a bad idea. Jerry picks up George's idea which makes Elaine think that she doesn't have a female friend but she can tag along with Susan. So Elaine calls George to talk to Susan and they hook up

    Jerry has enrolled in a pool center and has a guy named Ramon who wants to be with him. So they hang around but Jerry isn't comfortable because he thinks he's obsessed with him which turned out ugly. Meanwhile Kramer is getting a new phone number which ends up being the same number as Moviephone so Kramer has the time to tell people on the phone when a movie starts

    George on the other hand is concerned about Elaine and Susan's friendship that he thinks his "worlds are colliding" because his friends are getting into contact of his relationship to Susan. So after seeing all of his friends at Monk's with Susan, he goes to Reggie' himself lol

    Meanwhile, Ramon gets really upset at Jerry and both fight in the pool which results to Newman arriving at the pool for a swim and knocks Ramon out. After the incident, Jerry and Newman are banned from being a membership of the pool. So Jerry, Elaine, and Susan go to the movies which concerns George once again after reading a note that was left as his apartment so he finds out what theater they went to...instructed by Kramer. Susan realizes that Jerry and Elaine talk a lot, even during the movie, and decides that she'll just leave. But George is in trouble as he gets kicked out of the theater disrupting people Kramer is in trouble for being "Moviephone" lol

    This is one of those underrated episode that is just hilarious and is so Seinfeld!
  • Kramer gets a new number and pretends to be the Moviefone guy, Elaine is causing Georges two worlds to collide, and Jerry cannot stand the pool guy at the new health club that he joined.

    This is a good episode. I loved George as he dealt with Elaine causing “relationship George” and “independent George” to collide. He goes as far as to seek them out of the movie that they are watching. In the end Susan realizes that she does not like to be in the company of Elaine and Jerry. The reason Susan is hanging out with them in the first place is because Elaine notices that she has no female friends (they do not like her and she does not like them).

    Kramer was funny as the Moviefone guy also. He tried to act just like the automated service by asking people to use the keypad for entering their zip codes and the title of the movie, but he forgets he cannot tell my the tones what they are requesting.

    The plot between Jerry and the pool guy is funny, but I did not think that it was funny enough to take the title of the show. Something about George’s worlds would have been funnier. When Jerry gets off of the subway he says that he has all the friends that he can handle. I think that he has said this before I just cannot remember what episode that was from. Newman played a small role in this episode. There was a good scene with Jerry and him as they tried to decide which one of them would give Ramon mouth to mouth. All in all this was a good episode.
  • When worlds collide....

    .... "The Pool Guy" is a very memorable episode for George and Kramer's storylines - not for the one for which it is named.

    Jerry's difficulties with the pool guy, Ramon, definitely pay off in the end with Jerry and Newman trying to weasel their way out of giving the guy mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but this storyline takes a while to go anywhere.

    But Kramer's storyline, revolving around his getting calls from people misdialing for "Moviefone," and George's storyline, revolving around his girlfriend Susan becoming one of Elaine's friends (and thereby one of the group), are absolutely hilarious. George has one of his most hilariously explosive freak-outs of the series ("worlds are colliding!") and, well, you won't want to miss Kramer becoming the voice for "Moviefone." The episode comes to one of the highest points of the entire "Seinfeld" series when George and Kramer's storylines intertwine over the telephone....