Season 7 Episode 8

The Pool Guy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 1995 on NBC

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  • Kramer gets a new number and pretends to be the Moviefone guy, Elaine is causing Georges two worlds to collide, and Jerry cannot stand the pool guy at the new health club that he joined.

    This is a good episode. I loved George as he dealt with Elaine causing “relationship George” and “independent George” to collide. He goes as far as to seek them out of the movie that they are watching. In the end Susan realizes that she does not like to be in the company of Elaine and Jerry. The reason Susan is hanging out with them in the first place is because Elaine notices that she has no female friends (they do not like her and she does not like them).

    Kramer was funny as the Moviefone guy also. He tried to act just like the automated service by asking people to use the keypad for entering their zip codes and the title of the movie, but he forgets he cannot tell my the tones what they are requesting.

    The plot between Jerry and the pool guy is funny, but I did not think that it was funny enough to take the title of the show. Something about George’s worlds would have been funnier. When Jerry gets off of the subway he says that he has all the friends that he can handle. I think that he has said this before I just cannot remember what episode that was from. Newman played a small role in this episode. There was a good scene with Jerry and him as they tried to decide which one of them would give Ramon mouth to mouth. All in all this was a good episode.