Season 7 Episode 8

The Pool Guy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 1995 on NBC

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  • Three for Chunnel, two adults, one child.

    Elaine needs someone to go to the met but can't find anyone. Jerry and George don't wanna do it so George thinks of an idea of bringing Susan along but realize that it could be a bad idea. Jerry picks up George's idea which makes Elaine think that she doesn't have a female friend but she can tag along with Susan. So Elaine calls George to talk to Susan and they hook up

    Jerry has enrolled in a pool center and has a guy named Ramon who wants to be with him. So they hang around but Jerry isn't comfortable because he thinks he's obsessed with him which turned out ugly. Meanwhile Kramer is getting a new phone number which ends up being the same number as Moviephone so Kramer has the time to tell people on the phone when a movie starts

    George on the other hand is concerned about Elaine and Susan's friendship that he thinks his "worlds are colliding" because his friends are getting into contact of his relationship to Susan. So after seeing all of his friends at Monk's with Susan, he goes to Reggie' himself lol

    Meanwhile, Ramon gets really upset at Jerry and both fight in the pool which results to Newman arriving at the pool for a swim and knocks Ramon out. After the incident, Jerry and Newman are banned from being a membership of the pool. So Jerry, Elaine, and Susan go to the movies which concerns George once again after reading a note that was left as his apartment so he finds out what theater they went to...instructed by Kramer. Susan realizes that Jerry and Elaine talk a lot, even during the movie, and decides that she'll just leave. But George is in trouble as he gets kicked out of the theater disrupting people Kramer is in trouble for being "Moviephone" lol

    This is one of those underrated episode that is just hilarious and is so Seinfeld!
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