Season 8 Episode 16

The Pothole

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 1997 on NBC

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  • Toothbrush in toilet bowl!

    Here we see Jerry going out with this woman. However, Jerry knocks her toothbrush in the toilet on accident and oops, she's uses the toothbrush! Meanwhile, George looses his keys with a squeezable Phil Rizuto ("talking nixon") key chain and somehow end up in a pothole which gets buried in concrete. Elaine on the other hand is trying to get some flounder but the delivery guy can't cross to her side of town so she pretends to be a janitor and somehow ends up getting a job as a janitor. Kramer is taking care of a mile marker of an expressway and gets the idea to change a four-lane highway to a two-lane which causes chaos!

    The climax on this episode happens when George hires some construction workers to dig up his keys so instead of them doing the work, he does the work with no charge. He ends up breaking a pipeline which blows the toilet at Jerry's girlfriend's apartment. Meanwhile, Elaine does the job to throw trash out and drives to the dump in "Kramer's highway". However, she drops a sewing machine. Kramer on another side, spills some flammable paint thinner on the highway. The result?! Newman drives his mailtruck and runs over the sewing machine and into the paint thinner on the highway. Newman is buring with the fishes.
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