Season 8 Episode 16

The Pothole

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 1997 on NBC

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  • One of the best episodes of Seinfeld plot ever!

    This was the most complex & cleverly plotted episode I have seen by Seinfeld by far. It all starts when George runs over a pothole & drops his keys, by the time he finds out it is in the pothole, it's been covered already. Meanwhile Elaine wants some Chinese food but they don't deliver in her zone so while she sneaks in to another apartment, pretending she lives there to get the food. Meanwhile again, Jerry drops his girlfriend's tooth brush in the toilet & Jenna unaware uses it to brush her teeth, when he doesn't tell her & she finds out she puts on of Jerry's thing s in the toilet. Another plot merges, Kramer adopts a highway & makes some major changes. While Jerry is freaking out, George has to drill in the pothole by himself, as he does it he hits the pipe while Elaine confused as the janitor has to go on Kramer's highway to get rid of the apartment junk. As Jerry & his girlfriend start to reconcile, the toilet explodes because George hit the pipe, which explodes on Jenna so as shallow & disgusted Jerry is, he breaks up with her. While Elaine is enjoying the wider lanes cause Kramer changed them, she drops a trophy that is trash & Newman behind her, the trophy gets stuck under his car while driving, sparks fly everywhere & Newman continues driving unaware, as Kramer gets a tub of flammable oil confuses with paint, he pills it all over the lane by accident, Newman runs over it & his car bursts in to flames. While Kramer makes a run for it from the cops by changing the lanes. That is big! An outstanding episode which is flawless that has great funny moments that will be remembered for ages.