Season 6 Episode 10

The Race

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1994 on NBC

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  • A wonderfully zany episode of the King (or Rabbi) of Sitcoms; Seinfeld.

    In this Christmas episode; Jerry's girlfriend Lois's Boss Duncan is challenging Jerry to a race for the one Jerry (unfairly) beat him in back in High School. Elaine's communist boyfriend who loves Hop Sing chinese food is furious when Elaine gets both of them blacklisted from there. George answers a personal ad from "The Daily Worker" which leads his boss to believe that he's a communist and Kramer gets his umpteenth odd job as a department store Santa along with his pint - sized pal Mickey.

    This is a fine example of how the once paper - thin, weak Seinfeld plots in the early seasons have transformed into wacky but hilarious storylines with equally great sub - plots. Jerry's takes centre stage but having the accident - prone Kramer play a department store Santa sounds good on paper but is even better when it's executed. Elaine's story is more of a device to include funny jabs at communism and George the same but with the ever dysfunctional Yankees.

    The jokes come thick and fast in this episode and as Jerry's girlfriend in this episode is named Lois you can imagine the Superman references and the final race at the end between Duncan and Jerry with the cheesy Superman theme music in the background is hilarious.

    This probably has the most guest stars of all episodes (apart from the finale of course) which include:

    Todd Kimsey (Ned)
    Renée Props (Lois)
    Don McManus (Duncan)
    Vicki Lewis (Ada)
    Claude Earl Jones (Mr. Bevilaqua)
    Mark Christopher Lawrence (Boss)
    Michael Sorich (Castro)
    Denise Poirier (Arlene)
    Spencer Klein (Kid)
    Martin Chow (Lew) The guest stars all do credible jobs except for Martin Chow as the delivery guy Lew who squeezes in so much of the angry asian shtick that gets old fast.

    This is a Christmas episode but the dark nature of the show eliminates all the tired Christmas clichés (having the episode end on the gang seen laughing through a window while snow gently falls outside or having the four of them sit at a Christmas feast with Jerry proposing a toast saying "I love you guys", *shudder*) from occuring. For furthur proof of the shows darkness is that we find ourselves rooting for a guy who cheated on a race while the guy who knew that he cheated and just wants a rematch is painted as the bad guy, only on Seinfeld.

    This is episode is yet another reason why Seinfeld is the best TV show of all time.