Season 3 Episode 12

The Red Dot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 1991 on NBC

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  • Funny dots.

    For what it was worth, I thought that this show was okay. This one lacked an entertaining appeal because it spent so much time on one unfunny detail. May will think that it was funny, but I thought that it was rather dull and stupid. You can't tell me that the stupid dot couldn't be covered some how. Maybe some paint? How about some white magic marker? The entrie episode should not have been revolving around that ridiculous thing. But I must say that the characters were yet again pretty good with what they had to work with. Thank you.
  • The Red Dot.

    Jerry makes Elaine's boyfriend fall off the wagon Elaine gets George a job so he repays her by buying her a cashmere sweater but it only cost $ 85.00 when Elaine gives back to George because it has a red dot on it and he gives to a cleaning lady at his new job because she knows something George that he doesn’t want his new boss find out but because of the red dot she tells his boss and he gets fired from his job the over all rating of this episode is 8.9 out of 10 because the story just seemed to avaverge and nothing really great happens at all the story are ok the thing that makes this episode work are the jokes the end.
  • Cashmere!

    This episode was just as good as "The Alternate Side" In this episode it starts out as a Christmas Party, and it turns out to a psycho alcoholic and a crazy cleaning lady. Elaine's boyfriend, falls off the wagon when Jerry gets his drink mixed up. George, in the appreciation of his job, wants to buy Elaine a present, he buys her a cashmere sweater with a red dot on it knowing it costs less. I love the part when they are all hiding the desk hiding from him and the cashmere gets them in all sorts of trouble because of the red dot, George gets fired. Elaine breaks up with her boyfriend. An amazing episode.
  • One word... hilarious!

    I'm a new fan of Seinfeld, didn't watch it when it first aired, recently bought the complete series box set. Now this episode was one of the reasons I bought it, what a great episode absolutely hilarious!
    George buys Elaine a "new" cashmere sweater after she gets him a job for $85 that has a red dot on it and it just takes off from there, really well written.
    One of the highlights would be when Kramer swings open Jerry's door and he's standing just a few paces away from it, the expression on his face is priceless...
    Definately one of my favourite episodes of season 3.