Season 1 Episode 3

The Robbery

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 1990 on NBC

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  • The Robbbry

    When Jerry goes out of town Kramer goes into the apartment and leaves the door open and Jerry in Robbed so Jerry wants to move George shows him an apartment the he also likes so the make a bet to see who get the apartment Elaine wants the winners apartment Kramer thinks he has found the robber. I found this episode to be very funny one the 2nd funniest episode of the season the ending of the episode is a great classic ending and very funny to even if it has been done before my rating for this episode is 9.7
  • This is a good episode.

    Pretty good episode. It's really funny.

    Elaine and Goerge keep telling Jerry how his apartment is falling apart and how he should move. Jerry doesnt really listen to him though. Jerry lets Elaine stay at his aparment while he goes away for a few days. His TV and VCR and a bunch of other stuff gets stolen. Jerry finaly decides that he is going to move. Elaine decides she is going to move into Jerry's apartment. Goerge shows him this really nice apartment. Jerry decides that he is going to take it. Then later Goerge decides that he wants it. They flip for it and Jerry WINS. Then they choose for it and Jerry wins again. Jerry feels guilty and they decide to both just not move into the apartment. Goerge shows it to someone else and they move into it instead.

    I give this episode a 9.2 out of 10.
  • Jerry's apartment is robbed when he's on vacation, even though Elaine is staying there. He decides to move into another apartment, and although he finds one to his liking, he hesitates when George declares his feelings on it.

    Still getting better. This episode is the best one of season one - of course, that doesn't mean it's good. The plots are still growing, the characters maturing, starting to get comfortable being on set. The acting is improving, and as such, leads to better quality episodes.

    I do like this episode. It isn't amongst my favourites, but I don't dislike it. It doesn't compare to later episodes, and it's a miracle the show survived, but it really represents that you should give things a chance. Watch as Kramer's hair grows taller and taller, for the taller the hair, the better the comedy!
  • "The door has one flaw, it must be CLOSED!"

    Since the first time I saw this episode, I have loved it. It is a fine example of the short lived first season. Starts out with Jerry going away and doing some shows on the road, so Elaine stays at his apartment. When he gets back, he finds that Elaine had went to the store and Kramer left the door open and someone took his stereo, television, etc. So George mentions that he is trying to sell an apartment with two bedrooms, a fireplace and a patio, and Jerry, Elaine and George go over to view it. Jerry decides he likes it, so he wants it. Elaine then claims Jerry's apartment, but George has second thoughts and decides he wants it also. So they flip a coin to decide. They decide that they both don't eant it, so they give it to a Monk's waitress. The end shows Jerry, George and Elaine at the waitress's housewarming party seeing what they are missing out on. One of my favorites!
  • While Jerry is out of town, Kramer leaves the door unlocked and Jerry is robbed! Jerry than decides to find a new apartment, but everyone likes this new one he picked out and they all want it.

    Not the best, not the worst. This is one of the first episodes, so it isn't going to be a classic or a fantastic episode. I think they had a good storyline: someone robbing Jerry and then him thinking about moving. The problem is that there wasn't many very funny jokes and Kramer, again, isn't nearly as hilarous he is in later seasons. Most episodes I would rate between 8.0-9.5, so as you can see here, this episode is not as great as usual. Although some good things were that everyone was in the episode and acting like themselves. This episode could have definitely been written better, especially because the storyline was good-- the way they handled it was not.
  • great one

    Here we get all the great elements, George's childishness, discussions, Jerry cant make up his mind. Kramer causes Jerry to be robbed. Lots of laughter.
  • Just okay.

    I was a bit bored by this episode to say the least. Normally I would have not cared to watch the episodes of the first season but I guess I made an exception this time. It wasn't a bad episode. I liked that George was very much undecided on taking the apartment. It was also very funny to watch the interaction with Jerry. The things I didn't care for was the continued slow pace, boring feel of the episode. The comedy was rather dull and I didn't like the setting because it wasn't the typical Seinfeld setting. Overall, not bad but not great. Thank you.
  • "The Messages aren´t for him, he´s the crook!! "

    This episode was definatly an improvement, i haven´t got much bad things to say about this episode but some things did bother me, like the couch and the apartment plot i thought it wasn´t that good, and the only thing that saved it was the twist at the end. I liked the stand up " He´s the penguin". So, the show´s getting better being the best episode out of the three but one thhing that i´ve noticed is that the plots don´t go anywhere, like the kramer and the englishmen story, i thing that are just extras, but i know the show will fix that in other season i just hope a big improvement comes on the the next two episodes, so the season can improve. But i know why the show seem´s different to me, it´s because of Kramer, i love the caracter and i want to ssee him more often!!
  • This hit-and-miss episode proves that Rome wasn't built in a day.

    What if they made a comedy and nobody laughed? That question crossed my mind more than once while watching this almost painful early episode. How strange it is to see these characters - whom I mentally picture forever frozen at the height of their powers - back when no one really knew who they were, or supposed to be, including themselves.

    Kramer bolting into the room to absolute silence; George still holding on to dreams of hair and a svelte figure; Elaine seeming like a boring, dreary side note; it was almost depressing to watch.

    If it had been up to me, I’m not sure I would have kept this thing going after seeing this episode. Glad someone else was in charge!