Season 7 Episode 11

The Rye

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 1996 on NBC

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    "SHUT UP YOU OLD BAG" LMAO FOREVER.. My favorite Line Jerry ever the Look on jerry;s face as he runs away. Priceless. Poor mean old Mrs CHOATE Lol
  • Catch her with the rye....

    .... "The Rye" takes a while to warm up but, by the end, it's pretty hot and heavy. The storyline with Elaine and her saxophonist boyfriend really is not all that funny - but George's storyline makes the whole episode worth while. George's parents meet his soon-to-be in-laws - enough said, right? George's parent take back the marble rye that they brought for dinner when his in-laws forget to put it out - so George seeks to rectify the situation by sneaking in a new rye into his in-laws house. Kramer distracts them by taking them on a ride in his horse-drawn carriage and Jerry provides the rye - naturally, nothing goes according to plan.
  • So there it is my review on "The Rye". I look forward to your comments.

    "The Rye" is another classic example of all of the clever plots in Seinfeld coming together perfectly. To start with, this episode is my mom's favorite and in my top 5. Those stats aside, "The Rye" is a magnificent episode. Just look at's score. George's dad steals a rye bread they bought to bring to the dinner party with the Rosses (the parents of George's fiance Susan). Kramer joins the Price Club and over-bought everything. This is important to the plot. Elaine goes out with an over-acheving trumpet player that doesn't like to do "everything". All are very well plotted and hilarious.
  • Good episode.

    To be clear, this episode was not my favorite. Absolutely not, but it was funny. I just loved the dinner scene between the two familes, that scene must be a classic. I was laughing so hard when Jerry was robbing that "old bag" for that rye it was so funny. Elaine will never have a successful relationship I think, I mean seriously, hot and heavy? Then they have you know what, then his musical talent seems to waver, and she leaves him. I cannot believe that Kramer fed the horse beans, can horses even eat beans in real life? I also liked the part where George was hooking for the bread. So, great episode.
  • The Rye

    The Rye is a great funny episode of Seinfeld the dinner scene with the Costanzas and the Ross’s is a true classic it is the most funny dinner scene as well and also when frank to back the rye is funny as well and in the Costanzas talk about the Ross’s is really funny so George want to replace it and it involves Kramer drive the Ross’s around and Jerry getting a rye and the scene when jerry get the rye back form the old lady is a great classic sense as well the Kramer storylines with him buy to much food and he feeds some of it to the horse who pull the carriage that the Ross’s are out and it ruins their night Elaine has boyfriend problems in this episode this is a great funny well written classic episode with great stories END.