Season 7 Episode 7

The Secret Code

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1995 on NBC

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  • George is the main focus of this episode...and he does not let us down.

    George struggles to find enough will power to tell anyone his secret code for his ATM card. He will not tell his fiancé, Jerry, or a man who is trapped in a ATM who must use his code to free himself from the burning building. He also gets stuck eating dinner with Peterman because he cannot come up with an excuse.

    Meanwhile, Kramer has a solution to help the fire department speed up the arrival times to calls, Elaine goes out with a man only because he cannot remember her no matter how many times they meet, and Jerry (throughout the whole episode) deals with his leg falling asleep.

    The whole situation with George is pretty funny. Elaine's plot was pretty weak, but still provided some humor. Jerry had some funny jokes with the leg falling asleep and Kramer on the fire truck was classic. Overall this was a good episode.....

    I do not understand the trivia that people have listed for this show. The one user suggests that George should have made something up for what Bosco meant and they give suggestions for something he should have said. If these people would have realized earlier in the episode he choked when he and Jerry were in the restaurant together and could not come up with an excuse to avoid dinner with Peterman. This was a reoccurring theme throughout the whole show. He was off. That is what made it so funny. Any one of us would have been able to come up with an excuse to avoid dinner with a man who will talk your head off or to not give out the code to our ATM card, but the humor of the episode came from George's inability to do this.
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