Season 1 Episode 1

The Seinfeld Chronicles

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 05, 1989 on NBC

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  • Seinfeld's pilot episode begins with Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian, wondering about a girl who wants to stay with him for a weekend. George convinces him at first that nothing is going to happen, but then he changes his mind completely.

    This episode is not a bad one, but not a good one either. In this pilot episode, Elaine was not in it, and Kramer + George both had different personalities. In this, Kramer seemed incredibly needy and it also seemed like he had no money or no life at all (especially when he came in asking if Jerry had any meat.) George, too, didn't seem right. He was telling Jerry about "signals," which he never mentioned again in the series. He also came off as a guy who knew a lot about women, which, of course, is completely false. And the #1 annoyance to me was Elaine not being in the pilot. There are future episodes where she is not in it at all, but this shouldn't be so on the premiere of the series. How whould it be if you watched the FRIENDS pilot with no Chandler? Or All In The Family with no Edith? The one thing that I did enjoy about this episode was Jerry's stand-up. They did do a little too much stand-up scenes, but I do enjoy those type of jokes. So, in my opinion, this was a weak show opener, but the show did become a hit after they realized what they were doing wrong.