Season 1 Episode 1

The Seinfeld Chronicles

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 05, 1989 on NBC

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  • A Brilliant Pilot Film

    Title: The Seinfeld Chronicles Other Titles: Good News, Bad News, Stand Up (Series Original Title) Date (Original Run): 5 July 1989 Starring: Jerry Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld Jason Alexander: George Costanza Michael Richards: Cosmo Kramer (Kessler Name In Pilot) (Hoffman First Draft Listed Name) Lee Garlington: Claire Guest Starring: Pamela Brull: Laura Plot: Pilot Episode For Seinfeld My Rating And Comments: 9/10 I enjoyed watching The Seinfeld Chronicles. it is different to Seinfeld for instance, The editing and theme music is different, Jerry's Apartment is a lot different, Elaine Benes is not featured in this pilot presentation completely, Cosmo Kramer's name in this episode is Kessler, Lee Garlington who portrayed Claire was credited as a regular but her character was dropped after this episode and the coffee shop Pete's Luncheonette is not seen again and is Monk's in the series. This episode was rerun in 1990 after Seinfeld was made an official regular series. I currently own season one and two of Seinfeld which the pilot is featured, There are two versions of the pilot episode included. It first aired on July 5, 1989. It was later rerun in 1990 and had a different opening theme/intro and closing credits. PS: In the Season 1/2 DVD Edition has the revised pilot version, this episode is also made with the editing, credits and theme music of the show. Bottom Line: This is an enjoyable episode with some differences, if not a classic, the pilot is like a rough draft for the series to come.

    NOTES: The episode title is "The Seinfeld Chronicles" on the Season 1&2 DVD.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus does not appear in this episode.

    The show was supposed to be an hour-and-a-half doccumentary to fill in for SNL about how a comedian gets his material and would be called "Stand-Up". Jerry never actually wanted a sitcom but he got one and was then called "The Seinfeld Chronicles" then to just "Seinfeld".

    Along with not being in the pilot, Julia Louis Dreyfus was unaware that it existed, and up until the time of the DVD release (it may have changed now) she has never seen it.

    It was reported that this episode was the least/lowest watched (rating wise) episode in all of NBC's television history