Season 1 Episode 1

The Seinfeld Chronicles

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 05, 1989 on NBC

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  • Dissapointment

    Spoilers ahead!!

    Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza are seated at Pete's Luncheonette debating over a shirt button. The argument is about the second button of the shirt, which Jerry claims is the most important. (This same conversation, ultimately, will recur as the last conversation of the entire series.) The waitress, Claire, comes over to their table and pours each a cup of coffee. George tells Claire he does not want caffeine in his coffee and Jerry corrects him by telling George she is an expert waitress. The two continue to talk and finally leave when Jerry has to do laundry.

    The following evening while watching a late Mets game, he receives a phone call from a potential girlfriend, Laura, whom he met on the road. She asks if she can stay over his apartment since she cannot find a "decent hotel" (a fact George contests). Jerry invites her, but is unsure if her visit is intended to be romantic or not. George and Jerry continue to debate fine details in Laura's conversation with Jerry to determine the true nature of the visit. A character known in the pilot as "Kessler," (who in all future episodes is known as Kramer) joins in asking Jerry why he would even give her a choice about where to sleep by bringing in another bed. The episode gives viewers a quick glimpse at George's profession (real estate) and also Kramer's (dubious "get-rich-quick" schemes).

    At the airport, George and Jerry continue to talk in an effort to identify the possible signals Laura might give upon her arrival. Laura arrives and takes Jerry (and George) by surprise. The two arrive at Jerry's apartment and he feels uncomfortable with the situation. Laura removes some excess clothing to get comfortable and asks for wine. Jerry believes he has gotten to the bottom of the whole question. His plans are abruptly interrupted when he learns Laura has a fiancé. Jerry realizes he has no chance with Laura but has already committed himself — and his studio apartment — to an entire weekend with her.

    Not the greatest way to satrt a great tv series as it was slow moving and suprisingly quiete boring.
    Should of done better.