Season 9 Episode 3

The Serenity Now

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 1997 on NBC

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    LOL! One of my favorite episodes coming from the ninth and final season of Seinfeld. Here, Jerry goes out with a nice woman named Patty who thinks he isn't always upset. So Jerry starts getting emotional and yells a lot which leads him into breaking up with her. Meanwhile, George visits his parents and discovers, Frank, his father, using a relaxation method called "Serenity Now!" to help him calm down. As he does this method, Kramer and George plan to help Frank fix his screen door but Kramer takes it. Frank also plans to sell computers and gets his son, George, to help him. So, he does work for his father in the garage as well as his "good friend" Lloyd Braun. George gets jealous and battles with Braun.

    Elaine, on the other hand, gets french-kissed by her former boss, Mr. Lippman's 13 year old boy at his bar mitzvah. She explains to the boy about becoming a man and he renounces Judiasm. Back to Kramer, he uses the screen door to use it for his apartment door and renames it Anytown, USA. Afterwards, a bunch of kids play around his apartment "lawn" and gets Kramer upset.

    Back to Jerry, he gets more emotional after the break up that it scares Geroge, and Elaine, but okay to Kramer as he uses Serenity Now. We learn a new phrase called "Hoochie Mama." Elaine goes up to Mr. Lippman and explains who she is and he renounces Judiasm which drives her crazy. Jerry hears about this and plans to marry Elaine. George shows up with a way to beat Braun with selling computers until he hears about the two proposing and leaves to store the computers in Kramer's apartment. George obviously wins and Lloyd gets fired but he cheats. Lloyd mentions to George about "Serenity Now" but "Insanity Later." Which leads to Kramer destroying all of George's computer. George is depressed and Jerry tries to cheer him up and George tells him the tales of himself. As that is going, Elaine talks to the rabbi and is very intersted in her so she leaves. In Jerry's apartment, Jerry is shocked to hear the tales of George as Elaine shows up agreeing to marry Jerry. But unfortunately, Jerry changed and isn't interested anymore. The episode ends as George leads the computer selling to bankruptcy. Even the Lloyd Braun sales didn't work since his phone wasn't hooked up. Estelle, George's mother, needed to move her car in the garage. Frank uses the Serenity Now but George insisted to use Hoochie Mama. And Frank does! This episode is hilarious!