Season 7 Episode 13

The Seven

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When George mentions that Susan & Carrie are first cousins, he says that their baby will be Susan's second cousin. This is incorrect. Susan would be Carrie's baby's second aunt. That baby and a child of George and Susan's would be second cousins.

    • It seems odd that the valet at the restaurant would ask to take Christie's coat, but not Jerry's.

    • In the first scene in Newman's apartment, Newman is wearing a wedding ring.It's gone in all the rest of the shots.

    • Jerry is complaining about how his girlfriend always wears the same outfit. He says he'll let it go through if she splits an atom like Einstein. But the splitting of the atom came after Einstein's death.

    • When we see George driving to the hospital with Ken and Carrie it is dark outside. When they get to the hospital and we see an outside shot of the building it is daytime and the sun is shining.

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: (to George) Just because your life is destroyed, don't destroy someone else's.

    • Elaine: I think I really sprained it.
      Jerry: Ah, I doubt you sprained it. Maybe you pulled it.
      Elaine: Maybe.
      Jerry: Did you twist it? You could've twisted it.
      Elaine: I don't know.
      Jerry: Did you wrench it? Did you jam it? Maybe you squeezed it, turned it…
      Elaine: You know what? Why don't you just shut the hell up?

    • George: I defy you to come up with a better name than Seven.
      Jerry: Alright, let's see… How about Mug? Mug Costanza. That's original. Or Ketchup. Pretty name for a girl.
      George: Alright… You having a good time now?
      Jerry: I've got fifty right here in the cupboard… How about Bisquick? Pimento? Gherkin? Sauce? Maxwell House?
      George: Alright already!!

    • Kramer: A wise man once taught me the healing power of the body's natural pressure points. He sells t-shirts.

    • Kramer: Are you unhappy with our arrangement?
      Jerry: What arrangement?
      Kramer: Well, I was under the impression that I could take anything I wanted from your fridge, and you could take whatever you want from mine.
      Jerry: Yeah? Well, let me know when you get something in there and I will.

    • Jerry: (about Elaine) The only way to really help her is to just let her be.

    • Jerry: I miss the days when they made toys that could kill a kid.

    • (After listening to Newman's verdict)
      Elaine: What? This is your solution? To ruin the bike?

    • George: What names do you like?
      Couple: Well we like Kimberly.
      George: Eh. What else you got?
      Couple: Joan.
      George: Please. I'm eating here.

    • Jerry: Seven? Yeah, I guess I could see it. Seven. Seven periods of
      school, seven beatings a day. Roughly seven stitches a beating, and eventually
      seven years to life. Yeah, you're doing that child quite a service.

    • Doctor: I'm sorry, family only.
      George: I'm family! I'm having sex with the cousin!

    • George: Seven's a beautiful name for a boy or a girl. Especially a girl. Or a boy.

    • (in the maternity ward)
      George: Seven!!!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Newman: "We will cut the bike down the middle!"
      This is an obvious reference to the story that appears in the book of Kings I & III from the Bible, where two prostitutes approach King Solomon with a "trial case": They were in the same house one night, when the baby of one of the women died at night. One women claimed that the other switched the two babies around. King Solomon suggested to cut the live baby in half and share it equally. The real mother did not agree, and said that the baby should be given to the other woman and that is exactly how Solomon decided the fate of the trial. The trial in "The Seven" follows the exact same pattern.