Season 4 Episode 16

The Shoes

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 1993 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jerry and George are sitting on the couch working on their pilot episode for NBC. They think that their script is very funny and George wants to give it to his psychiatrist to read. They also want to show Elaine the script then realize that they haven't brought her character into the show yet. "What does she say?" Jerry says and then George realizes that he has no idea what women say. So they both agree that they won't put Elaine's character into the pilot because they all ready have George, Jerry, Kramer and The Butler.

Kramer comes in and tells Jerry and George that he just ran into Jerry's 'Old Flame - Gail Cunningham'. Kramer tells Jerry that he remembers Gail wouldn't even kiss him goodnight after three dates. As Kramer's duty to Jerry he snubbed Gail after she said hi to him. "I walked by her, never said a word." Kramer gets applauded for his is loyalty to Jerry.

Jerry and Elaine are at the coffee shop and Elaine is ready the Pilot when she tells Jerry that she isn't even in it. Jerry try's to explain that "there were to many people in the room, what with George, The Butler..." Elaine doesn't buy it and Jerry confesses that he doesn't know how to write for a woman. Then Gail Cunningham walks in and tells Jerry, "What is with your friend Kramer? He snubbed me!" Jerry acts like he knows nothing about 'The snubbing incident' and tells Gail that he has no control over Kramer after he leaves the building. Gail tells Jerry that she is cooking at 'Pfeiffer's' and she also comments on Elaine's shoes. Elaine tells her they're Botticelli's and this causes a bit of awkwardness between Gail and Elaine. Gail leaves and tells Jerry that it really embarrassed her that Gail made a comment about Botticelli's. Jerry doesn't realize that it embarrassed Elaine and tells her "This is why you're not in the Pilot."

George is at his Shrinks office and she tells him he is doing well. He mentions the Script and she tells her it was…good. George makes a big deal about her not liking the script and she says "it just wasn't funny."

Back at Jerry's apartment Jerry asks Elaine what she thought of the script. She gets out of answering Jerry when Kramer comes in and announces he just kissed Gail Cunningham. Elaine comes back out from the bathroom and Kramer asks her why she is buying shoes from Botticelli's now. Kramer tells her that Gail told her and she isn't happy about it.

Elaine goes into Pfeiffer's and yells at Gail for talking about her shoes. Gail is cooking and doesn't have time for Elaine and when she holds up a meal to be taken out Elaine sneezes on it and Gail doesn't realize. Meanwhile the meal goes out to the executive of NBC.

George and Jerry go to visit the executive of NBC about the Pilot. While the executive is in the bathroom throwing is daughter comes in and George is caught staring at her cleavage. Because of George the Pilot got dropped.

The only chance Jerry and George have of getting the Pilot back on is to get the executive in a good mood. So they decide to take Elaine to Pfeiffer's and expose her cleavage to the executive. On one condition - she has to give her shoes to Gail.

Jerry and George go down to Pfeiffer's and so does Elaine in a low-cut dress. The executive can't keep his eyes of Elaine so he decides to give the Pilot another go.
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