Season 4 Episode 16

The Shoes

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 1993 on NBC

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  • The cleavage.

    Elaine freaks when Gail, talks about her shoes, which is the cause of Darymple getting sick when Elaine sneezes in his pasta primavera since she yelled at her in the kitchen. Well I think the girl Gail, is cute but she is so messed up, seriously. And Elaine ended up putting asses in the seats. I love how she counteracted Darymple's remark about canceling the pilot by showing her cleavage. It was pretty sick how Jerry & George were looking for 15 year old cleavage. Kramer gets Gail after he snubbed her. Didn't get that. Also Gayle ends up having a shift of moods and being nice in the end?

    An amazing episode in the pilot arc.
  • a pretty average episode with subtle hints of comedy.

    even though i pretty much like every episode of seinfeld, i must say this episode was a bit weaker than the majority i've watched. george is funny as usual; but the other characters start out funny and then loose my interest later on. kramer's usually funny as well, but even he lost my interest and that's not a common trait with that character. now george he's someone who could keep your interest no matter what he's babbling about. he's so pathetic in a funny sort of way that you just have to laugh at him no matter how mad he gets. i've seen other shows where somone's staring at a women's cleavage, but george with his facial expressions just makes that action really comical.