Season 7 Episode 16

The Shower Head

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 1996 on NBC

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  • The Costanzas think about moving to Florida.

    "But a different sort of trader still lurked about..."

    Season 7 is regarded as one of the best of the series. While I prefer the earlier years to the later, this was a strong episode of Seinfeld during the bastardization of character-driven comedy to its cheap-shotted concluding weeks.

    Any episode that gives Uncle Leo deserves a strong rating. Len Lesser's portrayal of the annoying relative deserved an Emmy and continues to get him work even to this day. The conversations with Jerry at the diner show just what Seinfeld is all about.

    I didn't like the shower head storyline, although it did produce some funny moments. The salesman in the back of the van was great, and the idea of Newman and Kramer showering with the same equipment elephants use is hilarious. Elaine's storyline sucked, and that dropped this episode's rating from the 9's to the 8's.

    Frank Costanza yelling at Morty Seinfeld on the phone is yet another classic moment from the show.