Season 9 Episode 7

The Slicer

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 1997 on NBC

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  • Not the best episode but amusing with a clever ending

    Although still not up the high standard of pre-series eight Seinfeld 'The Slicer' doesn't jump the shark as badly as other post Larry David storylines and as such returns to the witty, well plotted style that made Seinfeld such a classic show. It's still not quite up to the best standard but it's a welcome episode after viewing its predecessor, the awful 'The Merv Griffin Show.' The final scene in this episode, which involves the confluence of events that has followed a doctored photograph and Kramer's attempt at giving a check up after being mistaken for a dermatologist, is very good and seals the episode off perfectly. Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross makes an early television appearance here as jerry's doctor girlfriend.
  • i find this

    I find this one of the best season 9 episodes of this show.
  • Good episode!

    Elaine is unable to sleep because her neighbors' clock is put on three AM and sounds all day long, so she asks Kramer for help and they disconnect the electricity, but later finds out that they have a cat in there, so they uses Kramer's new slicer in order to give him food, but Elaine gets addicted to it, and accidentally stocks it, causing to Kramer to break her door and get lock inside. Meanwhile, Jerry breaks up with her new girl because she keeps telling things about saving lives, but she is a dermatologist, but ultimately finds out that she indeeds saves life because she cures people of skin cancer. George uses the help of Kramer and Jerry to paste on a photo with George's new boss, and that causes a lot of problems. A cool episode!
  • Kramer buys a deli slicer.

    Season 9 of Seinfeld was a huge step down from past years, yet this was still a very strong episode. Two great characters were introduced with the clueless buffoon Krueger and Dr. Sidarides, played by Marcia Cross, who if you've ever seen Desperate Housewives, is hilarious when given the right avenue.

    The episode did a great job bringing all the different storylines together in the end, having Kramer give Krueger an exam. Jerry was on top of his game with great zingers and a generally brash and sarcastic tone. Although the hives storyline wasn't necessary, prop humor gets over with the majority of America. While it's not as good the 100th time as it was the first time, no show has replay value even close to on par with Seinfeld. You can watch any episode 300 times if you want too.