Season 5 Episode 4

The Sniffing Accountant

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1993 on NBC

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  • Get to the point!?

    A strange episodes involves bras and exclamation points. a good epiosde, not a great episode. Elaine's boyfriend is crazy over the exclamation point and asking her why she isn't using them. Jerry on the other had is fearing that his accountant is using drugs just sniffing too much. To make matter worse, George is being interview as a bra salersman. A male bra salesman? is it odd for a male bra salesman. George is too weird to be a bra salesman. for me, I sometimes use exclamation point in my reviews. Not a big deal. Also you can't be a bra salesman just by looking of how a bra can look on a woman.
  • 504

    Without question, one of the best pure Seinfeld episodes. From the bra discussion, to George's interview, to the discussion of drugs, just an all out classic episode. Jake was hilarious in this appearance, "I'm leaving!" and this was one of George's best outings.

    Season 5 was when many people felt that Seinfeld had its stride and it would be hard to argue against that point having seen this episode.

    As I mentioned that job interview scene was one of the all-time greats on this show and is something that any fan of comedy should watch many times and have it memorized.
  • While most of the Seinfeld episodes are hillarious this one takes the cake for pure laugh out loud, tears running down your face comedy.

    Although some other episodes are stronger in writing and for sustained comedy, this episode has the funniest scene in the entire Seinfeld series. I\'m referring to the scene where Kramer goes to a bar and tries to confirm that his, and Jerry\'s accountant, is sniffing cocaine.

    Kramer is in character and tries to play the cool dude but as always comes across as the big dufas that he is. The bit where Kramer skulls a beer while smoking a cigarette is quite simply the funniest scene in the history of television.

    As a point of interest, in the DVD extras there is a slightly differnt version where Karmer burps smoke after skulling the beer. I\'m not sure why they didn\'t put this one in the actual episode but for me it is the superior (funnier) version.