Season 6 Episode 7

The Soup

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 1994 on NBC

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  • the soup

    An average season six episode here tonight, nothing great, nothing too bad. We got introduced to one of the greatest recurring characters in television history in Kenny Bania who definitely provided the antagonist that this show needed, when Newman did not show up that is.

    The Elaine storyline, which dominated a large portion of this episode, was pretty stupid and definitely a misuse of a British boyfriend. Of all the great comedians from England they found this guy?

    There are better episodes out there if you are looking for one, but basically anything that has the Seinfeld tag on it is guaranteed to have you laughing.
  • The Soup.

    In this season 6 episode of Seinfeld called The Soup Jerry get a brand new Armani suit from another comedian where Jerry must buy him a meal in a restaurant and he says soup doesn’t count Elaine flies a man she met in England who she has problems with Kramer wants only to eat fresh foods and George tries to get a waitress fried from Monk’s because she went for a walk with him and she said she has a boyfriend this is a funny episode the jerry story about the suit was the best and the funniest out of all of them the jokes where all so funny the end
  • When an obnoxious comedian gives Jerry an Armani suit, Jerry has to buy dinner for Kenny.

    When an obnoxious comedian named Kenny (Steve Hytner) gives Jerry an Armani suit, Kenny wants Jerry to buy him dinner, but everytime Jerry goes to buy him dinner, all he wants is soup and Jerry is trying to see if that is a meal. So, Jerry has to keep buying meals for this guy. Also, George goes for a walk with a waitress in a path and sums up his relationship with her. Also, after Kramer's kidney stone, he only decides to eat fresh fruit. This episode was a classic and it had a lot of laughs. I enjoyed watching this episode and it was one that I will never forget.