Season 7 Episode 6

The Soup Nazi

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 1995 on NBC

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  • Schmoopy!

    Well what can you say about this episode that probably hasn't already been said... not much I guess. It's brilliant, one of if not the best Seinfeld episodes ever. You ask anyone, people who don't even watch Seinfeld and they have heard about The Soup Nazi.

    One of my favourite parts of the episode is... Schmoopy. Yep Jerry and his new girlfriend keep calling each other Schmoopy all the time. It's a classic and I can see why George might get a bit sick of it. Also when Jerry asks his girlfriend if she want a little tuna fishy.

    Who could forget the street toughs that stole the armoire from Elaine. "Are you talking to him or are you talking to me, cuz you must have been talking to one of us!"

    The Soup Nazi is brilliant. He has given us that classic line "No soup for you!". When he tells George he is pushing his luck that's great.

    Oh I almost forgot. When Krammer gets Elaine a second armoire and when he tells her he got it from the Soup Nazi and she pushes him over through a door. Brilliant.

    I love this episode 10/10