Season 7 Episode 6

The Soup Nazi

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • According to the Inside Look on the DVD; Larry Thomas based his voice as the Soup Nazi on Omar Sharif.

    • When Elaine meets George outside the soup stand, look between them before they enter the building. You can see the bottom of the backdrop rolled up on the ground.

    • The REAL Soup Man, who had REAL stand in Manhattan where he sold soup, [although he hated this show] became famous off of this episode, and went on to opening a chain of soup stands all over America.
      Ironic, no?

    • When George is practicing the way he is he going to give the money to the soup nazi and Elaine meets him there, look at the man with the thick mustache who is in line behind him. After, when Jerry is in line with his girlfriend, she walks out in anger and you can clearly see that man again in line right in the doorway. Maybe he didn't order the right way and was trying again.

    • The ordering/paying procedure which Jerry explains to George, and which everyone seems to follow, begins with putting the money down on the counter in front of the Soup Nazi while ordering. He picks it up and gives it to the cashier. Newman is very careful about following the exact ordering/paying procedure. However, when he orders, Newman holds onto the money the whole time, and hands it to the cashier himself.

    • Kramer sits on Elaine's step to guard the armoire, and Elaine leaves to get the soup. When she leaves, she goes in one direction, but when she comes back, she comes from the opposite direction.

    • the first time you see the soup at the soup stand, there are 5 containers of varying soup, but when george goes back THAT SAME DAY (about a hlf hour later) the some of the soups are gone and some have switched containers.

    • on the board that says no substitutions and no phone orders there have got to be 20 soups listed, but the soup nazi is only serving soup from 5 containers

    • The menu at the Soup Place says (at the bottom) "No Substitutions or Phone Orders" - yet in almost every scene with the Soup Nazi, there is a man standing behind him taking orders over the phone.

  • Quotes

    • Soup Nazi: to George: You're pushing your luck little man.

    • Sheila: Well, behind every joke there's some truth.
      Jerry: What about that Bavarian cream pie joke I told you? There's no truth to that. Nobody with a terminal illness goes from the United States to Europe for a piece of Bavarian cream pie and then when they get there and they don't have it he says, 'Ah, I'll just have some coffee.' There's no truth to that.

    • Soup Nazi: You are the only one who understands me.
      Kramer: You suffer for your soup.

    • Elaine: So, essentially, you chose soup over a woman?
      Jerry: It was a bisque.
      Elaine: Yeah. You know what I just realized? Suddenly, George has become much more normal than you.

    • Elaine: (to Kramer) Street toughs took my armoire?

    • Kramer: He's not a Nazi. He just happens to be a little eccentric. Most geniuses are.

    • George: Shhh! I gotta focus. I'm shifting into soup mode.

    • George: Why can't we share?
      Jerry: I told you not to say anything. You can't go in there, brazenly flaunt the rules and then think I'm gonna share with you.
      George: Do you hear yourself?
      Jerry: I'm sorry. This is what comes from living under a Nazi regime.

    • Jerry: The guy who runs the place is a little temperamental, especially about the ordering procedure. He's secretly referred to as the Soup Nazi.
      Elaine: Why? What happens if you don't order right?
      Jerry: He yells and you don't get your soup.

    • Jerry: (to Elaine) He gave you the nice face discount.

    • Kramer: Excuse me.
      Ray: Are you talking to me?
      Kramer: Uh, well, uh, we-
      Ray: I said, are you talking to me?
      Bob: Well, maybe, he was talking to me. Was you talking to him? Because you was obviously talking to one of us. So what is it? Who?! Who was you talking to?!
      Kramer: Well uh, we were kind of, uh, talking to each other, weren't we?
      (Kramer & Jerry turn around and run away)

    • Newman: (panting) Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
      Jerry: What is it?
      Newman: Something's happened with the Soup Nazi!
      Jerry: Wha - wha - what's the matter?
      Newman: Elaine's down there causing all kinds of commotion. Somehow she got a hold of his recipes and she says she's gonna drive him out of business! The Soup Nazi said that now that his recipes are out, he's not
      gonna make anymore soup! He's moving out of the country, moving to Argentina! No
      more soup, Jerry! No more for of us!
      Jerry: Well, where are you going?
      Newman: He's giving away what's left! I gotta go home and get a big pot!

    • Customer: Uh, gazpacho, por favor.
      Soup Nazi: Por favor?
      Customer: Um, I'm part Spanish.
      Soup Nazi: Adios muchacho!

    • Soup Nazi: (to George) You're pushing your luck, little man.

    • George: Medium turkey chili.
      Jerry: Medium crab bisque.
      (George notices he didn't get any bread with his soup.)
      George: I didn't get any bread.
      Jerry: Just forget it. Let it go.
      George: Um, excuse me; I think you forgot my bread.
      Soup Nazi: Bread - $2.00 extra.
      George: $2.00? But everyone in front of me got free bread.
      Soup Nazi: You want bread?
      George: Yes please.
      Soup Nazi: $3.00!
      George: What?
      Soup Nazi: No soup for you! (snaps fingers)
      (The cashier takes away George's soup and gives him back his money.)

    • Elaine: You know, has anyone ever told you you look exactly like Al Pacino. You know, Scent of a Woman? HOO-AHH! HOO-AHH!
      Soup Nazi: Good, very good, you know something?
      Elaine: What?
      Soup Nazi: NO SOUP FOR YOU!
      Elaine: What?
      Soup Nazi: Come back, one year! Next!

    • Kramer: Where's the soup?
      Elaine: The Soup Nazi kicked me out.
      Kramer: Oh YEAH!!

    • Elaine: You're through Soup Nazi. Pack it up. No more soup for you. Next!

    • Newman: Jambalaya!!

    • Soup Nazi: No soup for you, come back one year!

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for the 1997 WGA Award (TV) for Episodic Comedy. This episode was nominated for the 1996 Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing for a Comedy Series. Larry Thomas was nominated for the 1996 Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for playing "The Soup Nazi" in this episode.

    • Like many Nazis (literal or figurative), the Soup Nazi flees to Argentina at the end of the episode.

    • The Soup Nazi's real name isn't officially announced until the series finale. His real name: Yev Kasem.

    • The armoire stealing "tough" guys will reappear in Kramer's life in "The Sponge" and "The Puerto Rican Day".

    • Ana Gasteyer would later join the cast of "Saturday Night Live" at the start of the 96-97 season. She does a mean impression of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    • The writer of this episode, Spike Feresten, was a former staff writer on Late Show With David Letterman. According to an article in the Reader Mail section of Aaron Barnhart's Late Show News, Issue #86, the character of the "Soup Nazi" was based on the owner of a soup stand in the neighborhood of the Ed Sullivan Theater. The Late Show ... staffers referred to him as the "Soup Nazi." The 21 Nov 95 issue of The Star contains an article with the following headline "WATCH OUT SEINFELD, I'M GOING TO SMACK YOUR FACE". The owner of Soup Kitchen International, Al Yeganeh, is the man the character is based on. Al, busy enough already with his business, doesn't like the extra publicity his shop was given by this episode or the use of the word "Nazi". For his performance as the "Soup Nazi" Larry Thomas was nominated for an Emmy Award, as were the writer and the director.

  • Allusions

    • Armoire Guy: Are you talking to me?

      When Kramer speaks to the balding white guy who stole the armoire, he recites Robert DeNiro's famous line from the 1976 film "Taxi Driver."

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