Season 7 Episode 9

The Sponge

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 1995 on NBC

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  • SpongeGeorge SquarePants/Tie a yellow ribbon around Krammer's neck.

    Another excellent "Seinfeld" epsiode and I'm happy just to be watching them. today is "the Sponge." Elaine is seen going from phamacy to phamacy looking for a sponge. In ope scene, Jerry's visited someone's house that has plenty of Sponges. He didn't say anything. He should. Meanwhile Cosmo Krammer is gearing up for his AIDS walk by having a all-night poker party, then on the day of the event, he refuse to put on his ribbon and get beaten by thge fellow walkers, including the bullies from "The Soup Nazi Like I said before, never a dull moment in Seinfeld's neighborhood.
  • Elaine searches the city for her favorite birth control, Kramer does an AIDS walk, George hates condoms, and Jerry gets a girls number in a rather unorthodox method.

    This is yet another wonderful episode. Kramer reveals to Elaine that her favorite method of birth control is no longer on the market. This makes her search the city for any remaining sponges. The scene when she is at what seems to be the only pharmacy in the area that still has the sponge is funny. It is also funny when she drills Roger to decide if he is sponge worthy. This episode really does make her seem like a bit of a whore. Although it turns out the girl who Jerry goes out on a couple of dates with seems to be an even bigger whore because she has a ton of cases of sponges in he closet.

    I also liked the part where Jerry decides to not reveal how he got Lena’s number to George because he knows that he will just tell Susan. I think that happens to a lot of us because we have friends who will tell their significant other everything that goes on. George still goes behind Jerry’s back and tells Susan how he got Lena’s number. George also reveals Jerry’s secret about his pants. It is funny that Lena does not get mad about the fact that Jerry got her number off an AIDS list but she breaks it off with him when she finds out that he scratches off the 32 waist size to a 31.

    Kramer decides to do an AIDS walk. When he decides not to wear the ribbon he gets roughed up by people who insist that he must wear the ribbon. Jerry thinks that the reason he falls to the ground at the end of the walk is because he stayed up all night smoking cigars, drinking, and playing poker.