Season 1 Episode 2

The Stakeout

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 31, 1990 on NBC

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  • It´s starting to go downhill...

    Well this is the second episode so we can forgive seinfeld and c´mon it´s the frst season, but some of these things cannot pass unsaid. lIKE THE WEDDING PART, WHAT A STUPID PLOT, like larry david says. And what about that girl who jerry liked what the F-WORD APPEND TO HER. not trying to be offensive, because i love seinfeld but , jerrys father being played by a different actor, the scrabble part?????? c´mon, they could have done so much better! I mean Elaine being bummed out because of that!??!!!!!!!!?????????
    I obny gave a six to this episode because its the second episode,the beggining of the series, and because,of course, Art Vandelay , the conversation that Jerry and George had, Fantastic. and the conversation at the party where jerry thinks to himself! Those are the only things that gives this mess a six. Even the begining at the blockbuster was stupid. Sure hope season 1 improves fast.
  • One giant leap forward.

    I thought that this episode of Seinfeld was a definate leap forward from the pilot. It had a good story and it had a lot of comedy in it. This is the episode that I am sure people started looking at this show and saying to themselves that this show has potential. This episode had it all, it introduced a new character, being Elaine and it featured some good work by the writers and nice performances by Jerry and Jason, especially during the Stakeout. One thing that is referenced in later episodes of the series run all the way into the finale season is the fictional name of Art Vandelay made up by George in this episode.
  • So Jerry - you're a stalker?

    In this episode Jerry meets a girl and doesn't know where she lives. So, he decides to "stake-out" (Hence the episode name) at her workplace with George. That is really all that happens in this episode. Pretty boring, nothing funny really happens, and the episode title line says what it is. Not nearly as entertaining or clever as later episodes, but hey, it's season one Seinfeld. What more could you really expect? Although most would disagree, I'd have to say The Pilot was better than this episode, even though both had very little going on in the episode. The Stake Out is one of Seinfeld's weakest episodes of all-time.
  • Jerry, a stalker?

    I have to admit, this isn't my favorite episode, but it has its moments. It is the episode where Morty Seinfeld was played by Phillip Bruns instead of Barney Martin. Basicly, Elaine drags Jerry to her friend Pam's birthday party. He sees a woman that he is intrested in a woman named Vanessa. He sees that she is with a man, so he doesn't do anything. So he and George go to her place of business and trys to see her. It turns out that the man was her cousin, so Jerry is excited and apparently they start dating, because she appears in "The Stock Tip" as his girlfriend. This is the first mention of George's primary phony name Art Vandelay.
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  • Jerry stakeouts the office building of a girl who he wants to date. The problem - he thinks Elaine will mind if he dates her. That's it. Still better than The Pilot!

    This episode is much better than the pilot, almost watch-able. The plot is stronger, and sometimes laughable. In perhaps the first rememberable moment of the series, we learn about George's passion for architecture - should I say, his passion for lying about his occupation - as well as Art Vandelay, so we see some minor character development. The first turning point of the series - Elaine Benes is introduced. I share more than a few people's opinion's in saying that the series probably would've failed without her. And Kramer is now Kramer. Yay.

    Like I've said, the plot is stronger than the pilot. However, there are still some flaws. The wedding plot it just plain stupid. It was, as Larry David agrees, simply a reason to bring Jerry's parents into the show, his father being played by a different than usual actor. All in all, this episode is watch-able, at the least. We're starting to get into decent episodes.
  • The Stakeout.

    Jerry meets a girl at a birthday party and he want to see her again his father Morty tells him to go to the building were she works and stake out the lobby of the office building jerry takes George along so he can help during this episode this has one of the most famous scenes in This shows 9 season run when Jerry and George are in the lobby and they talk to the girl the is the most funniest scenes in all of Seinfeld history this is the best episode and the funniest of the first season my rating for this episode is 9.7 out of 10
  • Jerry and Elain\'s relationship really comes into play...

    What I really like about this episode is the play between Jerry and Elaine. The debate about whether or not they should be together recurred through the first couple of seasons, and here is a perfect example of why they should never have gotten together, and thankfully, didn\'t.

    Towards the end when they finally set parameters for their friendship is not necessarily important in the episode, but is for the rest of the series. The openness they share is critical for the humour, and could never have occured if they became a full fleged couple.

    The first mention of Art Vandelay as well is here, also a later classic part of the show.
  • Best episode of season one

    IMO, this was the best episode of season one, hands down, which isn\'t really saying much. I still can\'t believe this show lasted when the first couple seasons were so poor, but i\'m glad it did last cause I don\'t know what I\'d do without it. Kramer is funny in this episode, george remains my favorite seinfeld character with his art vandeley comment, and the scene where jerry says elaine just won't stop talking is used by will ferrell when he comes back to saturday night live to host the show and when lorne michaels is talking to him he says in his head "he's just not gonna stop talking" thats a funny part of this episode!
  • Jerry meets an amazing girl at a party that he goes to with Elaine. He wants to see her, except the only thing that he knows about her is her law firm name! His father comes up with the idea of staking out her lobby. So that's what he does!

    This was a true classic Seinfeld episode. Just the idea of someone meeting someone else, only knowing their law firm name, and staking out their lobby was hilarious. There were also many fantastic and funny lines in the episode. This episode, as well, is the first episode in which "Art Vandelay", originally "Art Corvelay", is introduced. Art Vandelay is a made-up character that is an excuse for Jerry and George coming to Vanessa's firm. His name is also used throughout the series. I would have to say that my favourite lines in this episode would be:

    MORTY: How about Loni Anderson?

    HELEN: Loni Anderson? Where do you get Loni Anderson?

    MORTY: What's wrong with Loni Anderson?

    HELEN: I like Elaine better than Loni Anderson!

    JERRY: What are you two talking about?!
  • Jerry meets a woman at Elaine's friends birthday party, but only finds out where she works. Not wanting to ask Elaine, him and George plan a "stake-out" and pretend they just bumped into her.

    This episode was hilarious! First of all, this is the first episode with Elaine in it and the first episode with Jerry's parents. Although Phillip Bruns is the person playing Jerry's father, Morty, his parents were still funny! (I am glad they changed cast members, though.) This is also the first episode where we learn how George wants to be an architect. This is also the very first mention of "Art Vandelay." The idea of "staking out" an office and waiting for her to come out was also funny, in addition to the scene that comes before it. Elaine's first episode is this one and her personality is a lot like it is in future episodes, except for the part about how Jerry and Elaine don't talk about relationships. (We know that they do later on in the series!) For only the second episode, there is a ton of funny jokes and a great story line! Plus, they added different scenes. For most of the first 3 seasons, most to all scenes were placed in one of the apartments. But to see some "first episodes" placed in places different then the regulars is a great thing. I definitely liked this episode and gave it 9 points!
  • lol

    George and Jerry try to invent the name of their " friend " whom they are saying that they are meeting. First, George comes up with "Burt Harr . . . bin . . . son."
    "Burt Harbinson." Jerry says. "Sounds made up."
    George moves on to " Art Core. "
    Jerry: "Art Core?"
    George: ". . .velay."
    Jerry: "Corevelay?"
    Later, when the plan is closer to being put into action, George says that he wants to be Art Vandalay. Jerry reminds him that it is Art Corevelay, but when the name is needed, George uses the last name Vandalay, and the alias is born.
  • Love this episode... where we first see how much George longs to be an architect.

    The Stakeout shows us several things... Jerry's relationship with Elaine; George's longing to be an architect (or at least something... some sort of career!); and exactly how shallow Jerry can be when it comes to women. He meets a woman at a party (which he attends with Elaine) and in order to track her down, he stalks her! He pretends that he belongs, bringing George with him, to the building where she works. And it's definitely a riot! The pivotal scene is the one between George and Jerry when they are trying to figure out what sort of story to tell the woman, on why they are in the building. Never fails to make me crack up!