Season 5 Episode 12

The Stall

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 1994 on NBC

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  • I love the complex plot.

    This is a total Seinfeld original. I loved this episode since the beginning. When Elaine wants toilet paper. But Jerry's girlfriend wont give it to her. And throughout the whole episode, Elaine doesn't know that Jane is Jerry's girlfriend. Meanwhile George has a guy crush on Elaine's boyfriend, Tony. While Kramer thinks that Jane is Erica from a sex telephone line. I thought the end was hilarious, when Elaine steals all the toilet paper from the bathroom. And Jane is left with nothing. Hilarious. And it even turned out that Jane was Erica from the sex line. That was hilarious. Surprising ending too!
  • Toliet Paper Politics!

    Rock climbing and Bathroom hijinks are the highlights in this classic episode of "Seinfeld." It gets another 10 in my book and I rerely gave any episode a 10. In the Stall in the bathroom at a movie theatre, Elaine asked another woman for some toliet paper. She refused. The woman in the stall is Jerry's latest girlfriend. She is also doing Telephone sex operator. the voice that Krammer knows. Also Elaine boyfriend went rock climbing with George and Krammer when a accident happen invovles a rope and sandwiches. Everything falls apart in the end as usual. Elain running out of the bathroom with toliet paper. And the fun just keep on coming. "Seinfeld" is a series about manners and the four people who goof up. And the sanwiches were good. Too bad I didn't try one.