Season 2 Episode 6

The Statue

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 1991 on NBC

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  • " A cop, a good cop, a really good cop!"

    A Classic! I really love this episode, so far (season one and two) it´s one the best episodes i´ve seen in seinfeld. I really love it because of the characteres, Rava and her boyfriend, the twist at the end, and especially because of kramer. Kramer , oh sweet kramer you´re so funny. And finnally he´s got some action, hope they put him again in the next episode, with a bigger role and a plot of his own. That whould be great. That´s all i´ve got to say about this episode, i definatly recommend it, i sugest that if you have this season, you go watch right now! One of the reasons is the ending, i won´t spoil the twist but i can tell you it´s great!
  • Great episode very funny!

    Jerry receives some old possessions of his grandfather. Among them are a hat that reminds Kramer of Joe Friday of Dragnet, so he takes it. The next object Jerry takes out of the box is a statue that looks just like one George's family had, until George broke it. Jerry promises that George can have it, but leaves it in his apartment for a few days. Jerry later has his apartment cleaned by the boyfriend ("Ray") of Elaine's client ("Rava") and is very impressed by the quality of the cleaning.

    Jerry and Elaine go to Ray's apartment, where Jerry sees the statue. He calls Kramer to see whether or not it is missing from his apartment. It is, and the group believes that Ray stole it. Kramer urges to do something about it, but Elaine argues against this, afraid that Rava will no longer let her edit her book. Elaine and Rava do get into an argument, which results in her being removed from editing Rava's book.

    Kramer chooses to go to Ray's apartment, dressed as Joe Friday, and pretends to be, as he said, "a cop, a good cop, a DAMN GOOD COP!!" Ray falls for it, and Kramer retrieves the statue from the apartment. Kramer returns the statue to a grateful George, but George winds up dropping it when Kramer gives him a friendly slap on the back.
  • George gets to keep Jerry\'s grandfather\'s statue, and leaves it with Jerry for now. Jerry hires an author\'s boyfrined to clean out his appartment, but soon discovers that he must have stolen the statue when he sees it in his appartment instead.

    So far, this is one of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld. It was hilarious. When Kramer and George began to fight over the statue, George ended up keeping it. I thought for sure that Kramer would end up taking it home. My favorite part was when George makes sarcastic remarks when he is listening as Jerry talks to Ray about the statue. I also liked when Kramer is dressed like cop and starts yelling, as well as when Jerry pretends he is talking to his mom. I was really surprised when George ended up breaking the statue in the last couple of seconds of the episode. This episode was great! After seeing this episode, I could tell that Seinfeld was a funny show.