Season 1 Episode 5

The Stock Tip

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 1990 on NBC

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  • The Stock Tip sets up character development on all fronts... the shallowness of Jerry, George, and Elaine, and the quirkiness of Kramer.

    I liked The Stock Tip a lot. It's funny seeing how obsessive Jerry and George get over their stock. Although it's somewhat unrealistic, how fast it goes up and down, it still makes for lots of laughs. I like how Jerry totally screws things up with Vanessa too (Gawd, she was way too good for him!). Even after getting out of the bad stock, Jerry is still obsessed. It's funny how things end up working out for George, rather than Jerry. I feel that if this episode happened later, George would have been the anxious one that sells early. Actually, he probably would have been too cheap/stingy to even go in on the stock to begin with! The bit with Kramer and his ties was just plain weird. Still, I did enjoy it.