Season 1 Episode 5

The Stock Tip

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 1990 on NBC

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  • Based on an inside tip,George & a reluctant Jerry invest in Centrax,Kramer intoduces us to his idea for a roll-out tie dispenser,Jerry heads to Vermont with Vanessa & Elaine is allergic to her boyfriend's cats.

    I really enjoy these early episodes and I reckon that 'The Stock Tip' is one of my favourite episodes in the entire Seinfeld canon.

    Basically 'The Stock Tip' is a series of vignettes tied loosely together with a common thread. From the opening scene at Monks where George & Jerry discuss whether Superman was funny,Elaine recounts her search for a lost grape & her allergic reaction to Robert's cats and George talks Jerry into investing in Centrax,based on a hot tip,to the closing scene,again at Monks,where George is triumphant about his win on the Stock Market & Elaine concedes defeat to Robert's cats & Jerry to Vanessa's perfume.

    In the middle there are some memorable scenes in Jerry's apartment with Kramer explaining his latest idea (a roll-out tie dispenser!) & Elaine contemplating hiring a hitman to rub out Robert's cats as well as a riotous scene at the dry cleaners and the none too succesful weekend away in rainy Vermont.

    Plus there are three very clever stand-up pieces with Jerry musing on 'the check',how dry is it at the dry cleaners & the perils of investing in the Stock Market.

    All in all a top of the range episode with a few hints as to where Seinfeld will head in the ensuing Seasons.
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