Season 1 Episode 5

The Stock Tip

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the beginning when George, Jerry, and Elaine are first talking at Monk's about the stock, George's drink fluctuates from cut to cut from half full to full.

    • At the end of the episode, George is smoking in the restaurant but in another episode, Kramer gets kicked out of the restaurant for smoking.

    • George smokes a cigar when he is telling Jerry about the profit he made in stocks. It has been established in the episodes, The Wallet and The Invitations, that George doesn't smoke and he gets "nauseous" when he smokes cigars.

  • Quotes

    • Elaine: What evidence is there that cats are so smart anyway? What do they do? Because they're clean? I'm sorry. My uncle Pete showers four times a day and he can't count to 10 so don't give me hygiene.

    • Dry Cleaner: (to Jerry) May I help you?
      Jerry: Yeah. I picked up this shirt here yesterday. It's completely shrunk. There's absolutely no way I can wear it.
      Dry Cleaner: When did you bring it in?
      Jerry: What's the difference? Look at it! Do you see the size of this shirt?
      Dry Cleaner: You got a receipt?
      Jerry: I can't find the receipt.
      Dry Cleaner: You should get the receipt.
      Jerry: Look, forget about the receipt, all right? Even if I had the receipt- look at it! It's a hand puppet. What am I gonna do with this?
      Dry Cleaner: Yes, but how do I know we did the shirt?
      Jerry: What do you think this is a little scam I have? I take this tiny shirt all over the city conning dry cleaners out of money? In fact, forget the money. I don't even want the money. Just once, I would like to hear a dry cleaner admit that something was their fault. That's what I want. I want an admission of guilt.
      Dry Cleaner: Maybe you asked for it to be washed.
      Jerry: No! Dry-cleaned!
      Dry Cleaner: Let me explain to you something, okay? With certain types of fabrics, different chemicals can react, causing --
      Jerry: You shrunk it! You know you shrunk it! Just tell me that you shrunk it!
      Dry Cleaner: (looks around making sure not too many people are listening) I shrunk it.

    • Jerry: I think Superman probably has a very good sense of humor.
      George: I never heard him say anything really funny.
      Jerry: But it's common sense. He's got super strength, super speed… I'm sure he's got super humor.

    • Vanessa: I said the market fluctuates. Remember?
      Jerry: Look, Vanessa, of course the market fluctuates. Everybody knows that. I just got fluctuated out of four thousand dollars!

    • Elaine: What do you think a hit man would charge to rub out a couple of cats?
      Jerry: Well, it couldn't be too expensive. $13, $14 a cat?
      Elaine: You want to make $28?

    • George: ...a robot butcher.

  • Notes

    • The same Asian man who runs the grocery store in which Jerry asks if they have a certain item in "puffs," in this episode is also the mailman in "The Cigar Store Indian" that Jerry offends by asking where a Chinese restaurant is.

  • Allusions

    • Elaine: My apartment is the Actors Studio.

      The Actors Studio is a membership organization teaching method acting to professional actors. Founded in 1947 and located in New York City, it aims at developing and refining the actors' skills in an experimental environment. A subsequent television program was derived from it, called "Inside the Actors Studio" and providing in-depth interviews with actors, directors and other artists.

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