Season 9 Episode 14

The Strongbox

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Kramer mentions that one of the items he plans to store in the strongbox is his Tony award. This is a reference to the episode "The Summer of George" (season 8, episode 22), when Kramer was mistakenly awarded a Tony.

    • At the end of the episode during the Castle Rock logo Kramer can be heard to say "Really one for the books."

    • It's very unlikely that Glenn's welfare case worker would be unaware that he is married, yet she seems unphased when Elaine makes it obvious that she is dating Glenn, and the case worker makes no mention to Elaine that he's married.

    • It seems unlikely that Kramer would be invited to the Friar's Club roast that Jerry is going to, yet, for some reason, he's also wearing a tuxedo.

    • Jerry and Kramer are wearing tuxedos to go to the Friar's Club function, and George says that it's going to be a busy night. In the next scene, when George is at Monk's with Alison, his comments reveal that he's already been out with both of them. However, when Maura comes in, she comments that George asked her to meet him there for lunch, implying that it's only the afternoon. Then, when Jerry and Kramer go to the pet cemetery it's clearly night. There is obviously a bit of a continuity problem here.

    • When Elaine is in the sidewalk talking to Jerry, he has the living room window wide open and he is leaning over the frame to speak to Elaine. In future scenes we see the front of the building with the windows covered by mosquito shades.

    • When Kramer is somewhat attacked by the parrot outside in the hall, he rushes back in to Jerry's Apartment and slams the door but it seems to re-open and close again. Also when Phil closes the door sometimes in this episode it looks like the 5E is going to fall off.

  • Quotes

    • Maura: A relationship is like launching nuclear missiles from a submarine, you both have to turn your key.
      George: Turn your key Maura!
      Maura: I'm afraid I can't do that.
      George: TURN YOUR KEY!
      Maura: No.
      George: (giving up) ...alright...

    • Kramer: (to Jerry) You wouldn't last a day in the army!
      Jerry: Well how long did you last?
      Kramer: Well, that's classified.

    • George: (abouyt his girlfriend Maura) She's like a district attorney. If it's not the truth I'll break under the cross.

    • Jerry: We found out his super power was lack of money.
      Elaine: Alright.
      Jerry: He's invulnerable to creditors.

    • George: (having trouble ending a relationship) Apparently I was unable to break up beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • Jerry: (about Elaine's new boyfriend) Is he wretchedly poor? Does he wear one of those barrels with the straps?

    • Jerry: You were in the Army?
      Kramer: Briefly.

    • Kramer: Oh. Well, would you look at that? Guess I forgot to lock it.
      Jerry: You mean it was open? We desecrated a pet cemetery for nothing?
      Kramer: Well, this is one for the books.

    • Kramer: (reading a tombstone) Man's best friend. (just talking) Jerry, I want something like that on my tombstone.

    • (Jerry getting into his building elevator from the lobby, and seeing Phil get in with him.)
      Jerry: So you do live here.
      Phil: Yeah.
      (going up in the elevator, both men awkwardly stand in silence. Jerry, getting off the elevator at the same floor as Phil.)
      Jerry: You live on this floor?
      Phil: Yeah.
      (Jerry, seeing Phil start to open his apartment door, only one door down from Kramer's)
      Jerry: So you live right… there.
      Phil: Yeah.
      Jerry: So I guess I'll see-
      (Phil goes into his apartment as he slams the door behind him)

    • Goerge: I think that ginger ale at the coffee shop is just Coke and Sprite mixed together. How can I prove it? Ah! Can't, dammit.

    • George: Maura I uh, I want you to know I've given this a lot of thought I'm sorry, but we uh we have to break up.
      Maura: No.
      George: What's that?
      Maura: We're not breaking up.
      George: We're not?
      Maura: No.
      George: (pauses for a moment) Alright.

    • Jerry: Kramer, they think I killed Fredo! And who buries a bird?
      Kramer: Yeah. Just give it to the Portuguese guy, and he… puts it in the incinerator.
      Jerry: Just get the key and let's get out here.
      Kramer: You know, it's a funny thing about that bird dying. I hid the key in Fredo's food dish. Whew! That's a weird coincidence.
      Jerry: Kramer!?
      Kramer: What?
      Jerry: You killed Fredo!
      Kramer: Fredo was weak and stupid. He shouldn't have eaten that key.
      Jerry: Kramer, I need those cufflinks, but now they're in the box, and the key is in the bird. What are we gonna do?
      Kramer: You just answered your own question.
      Jerry: Oh, no…
      Kramer: (walking towards his apartment) I'll get the shovel.

    • George: You can already start up a conversation with Jerry Lewis-you guys have the same first name.
      Jerry: That won't work…
      George: That's not what I said when I met George Peppard last week.
      Jerry: George Peppard has been dead for years.
      George: Well whoever I was talking to sure knew a lot about The A-Team!!!

    • Jerry: (To George) So you're in a relationship with a woman you don't like and you're having an affair with a woman that won't have sex with you.

    • Jerry: He's the got-no-green lantern.
      George: Hey Elaine, maybe his girlfriend is Lois Loan.

    • Elaine: I guess I'm Lois Loan.

    • George: Why does it seem like I'm the only one working at this breakup?!

    • George: I am caught in my own web of lies.

    • Glenn: You are the bearclaw in the garbage bag of my life.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jerry: (to Elaine, referring to Glenn) Or he's a crime fighter safeguarding his secret identity. Elaine, you could be dating the Green Lantern!

      The Green Lantern is a superhero that has appeared in comic books published by DC Comics for decades. The character, created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell, first appeared in 1940 in All-American Comics #16.

    • Jerry: (to Elaine, referring to Glenn) So, when are you giving Boxcar Willie his walking papers?

      Boxcar Willie, whose birth name was Lecil Travis Martin, was a country music singer who was famous for his "hobo" music style. His career reached its peak in the 1980s.

    • George: (to Jerry, referring to Maura and Loretta) It's a big night. I'm ice skating with one and going to a staged reading of Godspell with the other.

      Godspell is a 1970 musical by Stephen Schwartz that is performed as a series of parables. The musical inspired a movie, also called Godspell, that was released in 1973.

    • George: (referring to Jerry having an 'in' with Jerry Lewis because they share the same first name) Well, it worked when I met George Peppard last week.
      Jerry: George Peppard has been dead for years.
      George: Well whoever he was, he knew a lot about The A-Team.

      George Peppard (1928-1994) was an actor whose first major movie role was in Breakfast at Tiffany's in 1961. His is also well known for his role as Hannibal in the TV series The A-Team.

    • George: "Turn your key!"
      This is a reference to the opening scene of the 1983 film "WarGames" in which John Spencer and Michael Madsen are Air Force officers ordered to launch their missiles against Soviet targets.

    • Kramer: Fredo was weak and stupid
      Obvious reference to the 1972 film "The Godfather." Fredo was the dumbest of the Corleone brothers. Famous line he delivers "I'm smart, I can do things".

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