Season 3 Episode 13

The Subway

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 1992 on NBC

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  • Several different yet funny storylines all involving the subway

    No, not the sandwich shop. I'm talking about the subway where our heroes are traveling on. It all starts with the 4 of them on one subway train, then they split up and the episode then consists of 4 different storylines.

    [b]First off, Jerry[/b]. The police found his stolen car and he has to go to the impoundment. He sits across from a rather fat guy with a newspaper. He's a bit tired so he takes a nap. When he wakes up, the dude is butt-naked. The only thing he's wearing is boots. Then he and Jerry get into this rambling conversation about nakedness probably Jerry's desperate attempt to keep him from sitting up. They eventually get to the pier where Jerry has to pick up his car. But then he and the other guy (who now has his clothes back on) decide to go on the rides. They do, but the impoundment is closed by the time Jerry gets there. Oh well, he'll come back next long as they don't "pound" the car lol

    [b]Elaine's story.[/b] She is the best man at a lesbian wedding. Yeah...a woman who's the best man at a lesbian wedding. Fancy that. Unfortunately, the train is packed and eventually it breaks down and loses power. Elaine starts panicing and cursing (MOTHER-) Eventually the train starts up again but then breaks down again. Elaine never makes the wedding. Wonder how it turned

    [b]Kramer's story[/b] This was the part of the episode that I absolutely loved. Kramer has a horrible time trying to find a seat and is flailing all over the place. Eventually, he does find a seat next to a fat guy. When he gets to the next station, he goes to a betting store right next to it and bets on a horse that the guy behind him says doesn't do well in mud. But Kramer tells him that he is a mudder. In fact "his mother was a mudder!" Kramer makes the bet and even though the track was all muddy, his horse still ended up winning! Kramer's happy, but one disgruntled gambler isn't. He attacks Kramer, chasing him to the subway where he runs into an FBI agent posing as a blind guy. The mugger gets mugged. It's no wonder they had an applause track in that scene. That was awesome. [b]George's story[/b] Elaine and Jerry seemed to have bad luck in this episode, but George had the worst luck ever. He was to go to a job interview, but he never makes it. On the subway, he runs into an attractive girl who George decides to follow to her apartment. It turns out she's a scam artist posing as a prostitute. Objective: Suduce the bunghole, steal his money.
    George only has $8, he's left handcuffed to the bed and the woman steals his clothes and wallet. Poor George....

    Afterwards, everyone meets at Monk's. The episode ends with George entering the cafe a complete wreck and Kramer leaving a tip: a bunch of random singles.