Season 3 Episode 13

The Subway

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 1992 on NBC

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  • Next stop: An awesome episode.

    For the first time the Seinfeld gang are split up when taking different subways with all four of them going through zany experiences. Jerry befriends an obese nudist who shares his interest in baseball and amusement parks (but clearly not salad), George picks up stunning woman who is not all that she seems, Kramer gets a hot tip on a horse which he bets it all on and Elaine is held - up on her way to a lesbian wedding.

    What really reinforced the quality of the episode was the countless public transport occurrences that everyone and i mean EVERYONE can relate too, each one of these attracts not only a laugh from the viewer but a certain internal knowingness that makes you realise just how observant and witty the show is. Despite being a hobo compared to most cable shows at the time, this episode of Seinfeld utilized sets, design and the directing and editing talents of the crew which made for one of the most artistically perfect episodes of the series so far, you'd never guess that it's from the same people who brought you some pretty shoddily made episodes beforehand. It's unfortunate however that this episode contains some notable failures to balance out the numerous pluses. It would've been great to see Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer actually arrive at their destinations which all had great comedic potential (a police station to pick up a stolen car, a job interview, a lesbian wedding and court) but i'm sure a majority of viewers will just be waiting for these to occur so that they'll miss the greatness of what supercedes it.

    Also Elaine's story is certainly the weakest of the four with tedium and a lack of any real funniness ruining what could've been a spectacular plot. Part of its failure was due to the fact that it relied too much on Elaine screaming her lungs out in a voiceover to be funny but also Julia Louis - Dreyfs's symptoms of her heavy pregnancy also muted her flair.

    The Subway is just a generally sensational episode of Seinfeld, a few missteps that i've pointed out above do nothing to upset this from being added into a select list of the truly great Seinfeld episodes of all time. A must - see for all fans.
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