Season 8 Episode 22

The Summer of George

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 15, 1997 on NBC

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  • Elaine, Raquel Welch and Molly Shannon? This is a GREAT episode and definitely a series classic.

    The presence of Molly Shannon in this episode is truly a special moment for Seinfeld. Her bantering with Elaine is downright hilarious. And Raquel Welch? Awesome. Of all of the Seinfeld episodes that I remember, this is one of the funniest of the bunch. I will definitely buy season 8, just so I can see the look on Elaine's face when Molly clears off her desk for her, with her swinging arms!

    The "cat fight" comments are so funny and the whole episode just makes me giggle. I love this episode! Swing those arms, Molly and Raquel! Unforgettable, really. See it again!
  • I loved this episode! Hi-larious!

    Ok, to get this all cleared out, Kramer's story I did not like. Ok, it was funny, but I didn't like it. To be honest, it just seemed overplayed. Funny, but kind of un realistic. Ok, Jerry's story was awesome. The whole break up boyfriend thing that lives with her, the whole thing was funny. Elaine's whole catfight thing was the funniest for me, with the two female guest stars, the whole cat fight thing with the male definition. The look on Elaine's face when she was swinging her arms all over her desk was hilarious, I loved this whole story! George's part was the one that when I finally stopped laughing, I started laughing again! I mean the Summer Of George and then you see him struggling to walk between swinging her arms lady. So, very nice way to end a season.
  • Good but not one of the best.

    This is a pretty standard episode of Series 8 Seinfeld in that a couple of the plot lines are amusing and have their moments but is let down by some heavy duty shark jumping, in this case regarding Kramer's story. In The Summer of George, the tall haired one is accidentally "shoved" into a Tony award acceptance speech by the actual award recipients. It is highly unbelievable that the award winners could have successfully pushed anyone all the way onto the stage by accident without realizing what they were doing. After this point the episode gets better as it becomes more grounded in reality. Apart from an unmemorable cameo from Raquel Welch, this is a good episode if not one of the best.