Season 8 Episode 15

The Susie

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 1997 on NBC

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  • Elaine is mistaken at work for a woman named "Susie" and her efforts to correct the situation only make it worse; meanwhile Jerry gets involved with a bookie and George- anticipating Steinbrenner's ball- avoids his girlfriend who's trying to break up with

    Seinfeld began to slide after their golden Fourth Season. Although the show would still occasionally achieve greatness the episodes were becoming broad and silly... as a viewer I found myself laughing at the outrageousness of the contrived premises and not at the premises themselves. "The Susie" is among the worst five episodes of Seinfeld.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a weak comedienne at best, is at her worst here. When her office co-worker Peggie mistakenly refers to her as "Susie," Elaine decides not to correct her but to play along. Dreyfus, whose only method for expressing anxiety was to cough weakly, allows Peggy to call her Susie and badmouth "this Elaine Benes character." We're supposed to be laughing at the impossible mix-up... the trouble is it isn't funny.

    Kramer for no apparent reason decides to abandon daylight-savings time- a premise that is as rich as it is funny. Jerry runs into a freakish bald dwarf who years earlier called him "phony" and learns the man's become a bookie. George, anticipating Steinbrenner's upcoming Yankee formal ball, is avoiding his unhappy girlfriend so she won't be able to break up with him before the big event. As usual at this point in the series the subplots are little more than labored setups for a finale in which they all intertwine to middling effect. Kramer "represents" George's girlfriend and breaks up with George, Jerry wins a significant amount of money from the dwarf bookie who is unable to pay, and Kramer- as a result of his hilarious time change- is early.

    This is all window-dressing to the main plot which features the unfunny Elaine leading a double identity at work as both herself and the nonexistent Susie. J. Peterman, clueless as ever, calls all three women- Elaine, Peggy and Susie- into his office to get the problem straightened out. What follows is a scene so stilted that all humor is drained... somehow Elaine is able to fool both Peterman and Peggy about the existence of Susie by talking in freakishly strange third-person sentences.

    What finally caps off this terrible outing is the finale. Elaine feels that the Susie situation has gotten out of control, so she decides to "kill her off," and hold a fake funeral for a woman who never even existed. A casket is purchased, a memorial service held... and dozens of mourners show up to honor a woman who was never real. Elaine gives the eulogy, unfunny and overwrought, and J. Peterman rises to confess to having slept with Susie during a moment of unbridled passion. Is he a liar? Insane? It's never explained because the dwarf bookie bursts in, broken thumbs in a cast, convinced that Jerry is a master criminal and had Susie killed. The episode was so bad I was actually embarassed for everyone involved.

    Jerry Seinfeld once said, "When you're working on a TV show suddenly bad ideas start to seem like good ideas..." I think that's the only way to explain this episode. It's dumb, it's unfunny and it's cartoonishly absurd. I'm a die-hard Seinfeld fan, but there were moments when even I could not deny how low the show had sunk... this was one of those times.
  • Has its moments.

    As is typical of post Series 8 Seinfeld this isn't up there with the best of 1990s comedy but there is still plenty of fun to be had.

    Jerry's emotional detachment at the memorial is very funny, even if (SPOILER-) the number of people who attend is very unrealistic for a fictionalised woman. (SPOILER ENDS)

    George's comical answer machine message is the kind of humour more typical of Friends than Seinfeld, but it's a breath of fresh air into an eight year old show and it did make me titter.

    This episode, which hangs leather clad and airborne above a shark below, is a good example of a fantastic cast making the most of sub par material. The bizarre post-relationship interaction between George and Kramer doesn't seem typical of their past bond but is made hilarious by the acute observation and delivery of both Michael Kramer and Jason Alexander.
  • The Susie

    Having an Elaine-centric episode is never a good idea and you saw that tonight as this was not exactly one of Seinfeld's best episodes of all time. That being said, my score of eight out of ten is still very fair for this program as you did laugh in the beginning, during the middle and at the end. The bit with Kramer hating Daylight Savings Time was great as was Jerry's cynical, yet true response of people just knowing because they tell you the night before.

    If you're on the fence about watching this, watch it, but there are definitely better episodes out there.
  • You knoiw susie like I know susie!

    Elaine got into trouble with her fellow employee so she made up a person of susie and the office brough it. The look at susie as a person, made up by elaine. when susie got on her nerves she made another lie saying that susie has die. the office believe her lie and had a funeral and foundation named after her. It was a coun terpoint to a "Fat Albert" epiosde about lying. If you lie the lie will grow. Meanwhile, a $100 bet involved Jerry's friend Mike as lead to an accident involving broken thumbs. for some reason that has a Susie connection.
  • While this episode is hilarious on its own merits, one really needs to see the bloopers form the DVD.

    About of the quarter of the bloopers from season 8 are from this episode, and it's a scream. Peterman speaks from the podium about the sweet smell of the liquid paper leading to a sexual encounter with "Susie." Julia Louis-Dreyfus can barely keep a straight face. There must have been at least 10 re-shoots to get this episode together. If you do not have the DVDs for the series, the blooper reels are available on various torrent sites. Enjoy. Now I have to keep writing about nothing to get to 100 words, and I'm getting very very very very close.