Season 3 Episode 8

The Tape

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 1991 on NBC

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  • a classic

    This is one of the best Seinfeld episodes ever. Here we get Elaine's humor, George's stupidness, Kramers madness and Jerry just being himself, and all are at their best at this point. Incredible episode.
  • Best Show EVER! A show about nothing, it's a classic!

    This is the best Seinfeld show in my opinion because it shows you the relation-ship between George and Elaine. Since Elaine and George are my fave' characters it makes it all the more interesting to watch. Just watching George acting all stupid makes me laugh, so watching George act stupid and in love is all the more enjoyable.
  • Everyone loves Elaine!?

    This episode was pretty good, Elaine's plot was the best which kind of ties in to all the other plots. Elaine leaves a dirty message on Jerry's tape, only George knows and he develops feelings for Elaine, that porn star sequence was so funny. Kramer's video camera, and jacket, tie in with the last episode. George's awkwardness is absolutely hilarious! And when Jerry found out, I would of detected jealous, I wanted to her what was on that tape. I was curious through the whole episode. And the end when Elaine walks away when everybody developed feelings for her was quite priceless.
  • Elaine wants to reward George with a nice, hardy, episode.

    Problems: After hearing a tape that was recorded during his comedy routine, Jerry hears erotic messages from an unidentified women. She didn't leave a message or anything. George also wonders who the messages are from. When he asks Elaine, he finds out that Elaine did the messages, as a prank to Jerry. She was just kidding around. But, George starts to get feelings for her. Kramer gets a new camera, and when recording Elaine, Elaine kids around with George saying she is going to sex him up. George gets very turned on and comfortable by this. After everybody finds out it was her, they all start to have sexual feelings for her.

    Another great episode! Seinfeld was on a role at the beginning of season 3! The only complaint I had was there wasn't enough of contrast of problems.