Season 4 Episode 2

The Trip (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 1992 on NBC

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  • How could anyone forget this episode?

    One of my personal favourites, this episode has some of the funniest moments out of the whole series (excluding "The Contest") like when George and Jerry are in the cop car acting like little kids "Can I put the siren on?" or getting wise answers from people on the street at the phone box, and who could forget Kramer crying like a baby when being interrogated by the police, great stuff.
  • This is a fairly silly episode but a classic at the same time

    Kramer is arrested for a string of murders he didnt commit and Jerry and George take an interesting ride in a police car to the station so they can try and get Kramer off.

    While in the patrol car Jerry and George run into the real serial killer (unkown to them) where they debate the going rate for tipping the room service lady.

    George and Jerry also send the officers crazy with rediculous questions about why they changed the police siren & can we play the siren.

    Kramer Jerry & George all celebrate another murder cos its got Kramer released, meanwhile the victim's family works past them.

    George also discovers that the room service lady didn't give hime the no tuck he was after leading to a uncomfortale night.

    It's laughs all around in this crazy episode. 9/10
  • Jerry and George reconnect with Kramer.

    Seinfeld is the greatest show of all-time, and this is my personal favorite episode in the series. From start to finish every single moment is unbelievably hilarious. This episode still holds up after nearly 2 decades, and nothing has been able to match the humor in this 22 minute program since then.

    From the lieutenant questioning Kramer and making him cry, to George asking Kramer what the hell he is talking about after delivering his poetic monologue regarding the emotions Los Angeles brings out in an individual, every moment is perfectly scripted.

    George and Jerry in the back of the cop car is the best moment in Seinfeld as well. George asking Jerry to pull his window down, noticing the cookies on the dashboard, arguing about how much you tip a chamber maid and just every second of the scene was hilarious.

    Anyone wanting to write a good program should study this episode to see how comedy truly is done.
  • The lack of Elaine, part two.

    Well this is probably mostly a duplicate of the last episode review I did on Seinfeld. Even though it was rated the same as The Trip, part one. Of course, Elaine has to be missing again which I just despised overall. Secondly, the plot was better because it got more interesting. Gave me a reason to watch. Will Kramer escape prison? Did he really kill somebody? While Juanita tuck the sheets to tight for George? Still given the fact that it is still in a different area, and still lacking hilarity & Elaine. I rate it the same as part one.
  • Seinfeld suffers with a far fetched storyline and the notable absense of Elaine.

    "The Trip Part 2" plays like a parody of the Seinfeld series as a whole. Jerry and George's dialogue goes WAY too far into nitpicking (the dill argument at the end is so tedious it goes beyond being tediously funny) with the characters becoming almost too annoying to tolerate. I understand they aren't likable people, and I would know this as Seinfeld is one of my favorite shows, but there are moments in this episode where they become broad unbelievable imitations of themselves. When Jerry and George actually start complaining to the police officers for stopping the ride to catch a car thief, I've reached my limit. Also, the Krammer as a serial killer storyline is incredibly stupid. Seinfeld, the self proclaimed show about "nothing", abandons its real life roots and goes for something showy and flashy, and ultimately, empty. I really miss Julia Louis Dreyfuss in this episode. Maybe we can credit her with the normal brilliance of the series. I think this is my least favorite episode.