Season 3 Episode 2

The Truth

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 1991 on NBC

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  • What a laughable episode!

    Okay, in this episode, Jerry is facing the I.R.S, Elaine is seen being naked by Kramer, Kramer gets his girlfriend, Tina, an invisible coffee table, and George pretty much called his girlfriend insane. To top it all off, George's girlfriend has Jerry's papers to help him out of financial issues. I thought this was the first exceptional episode Seinfeld had. It wasn't one of those episodes that made you stare at the clock. The only other episode that they had so far was the Chinese Resturant. As for the next episode, The Dog, I am not even going to grade that. I thought that episode sucked. I'm not even going to review it. I don't think I could make 100 words.
  • Kramer walks in on Elaine.

    This episode was a definite step up from the last 2 episodes. The plot which made up for it, Kramer dates Elaine's roommate, the end when Elaine is freaking out because of the coffee table, an amazing plot, also how Elaine freaks out just cause Kramer saw her naked, the other part I liked of the plot is in which Kramer & his girlfriend were dancing to that African music. The other plot is in which George hurts a girl by telling her the truth, that she has to go to a mental institution, which is an original Seinfeld plot. A great episode.