Season 6 Episode 24

The Understudy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 1995 on NBC

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  • I didn't really like it

    When you have Asperger Syndrome, you always want to see a bad episode have a really good ending. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen in the Seinfeld world.

    In this episode, Jerry and George's baseball team were supposed to be playing against a team featuring actress Bette Midler (that's right, the poodle from Oliver and Company) Running towards home, George runs right into her, knocking her on the ground. Bette is in pain and has to go to the hospital. George is blamed by everyone.

    Unfortunately, everyone also thinks Jerry put George up to it. Now everyone hates him! After running away from an angry mob, he and George hide out in Jerry's apartment. Unfortunately, Kramer is able to get in and scolds Jerry for what he did. HE DIDN'T DO DAMN ANYTHING!

    Kramer takes care of Bette at the hospital. He makes her a Macoroni Midler. Bette needs a replacement for the play and Jerry's crybaby girlfriend agrees to replace her. It's a huge failure. She cries over a hot dog falling on the ground...but not by her grandma dying. Wha? o__O That's pretty silly actually.

    But on the stage, her shoe gets untied. She gets completely out of character and cries. Cry, cry, cry. And in the end, no problems are solved. This season finale may be funny by some, but I've got my opinions and that blaming someone for something they didn't do and the problem not being solved isn't good.