Season 8 Episode 14

The Van Buren Boys

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • Under-rated

    This episode is overlooked by many. Maybe the Van Buren story line is not the most easily remembered, but it has many, many great scenes. Like when George and Kramer try to tell Jerry that his girlfriend is not up to par, and when Elaine goes to the coffee shop but doesn\'t want to talk to Jerry, and all the moments with George and his protege, who wants to be a city planner. Eventually Jerry finds a reason to dislike his girl, the mere fact that his parents think she\'s great. I like the look on Kramer\'s face after he tells the story of returning his pants, and Elaine says, \'You were wearing them?\' And seeing Peterman with his remote TV control and his socks on the coffee table. Those are classic moments.
  • It was good!

    It was really funny episode, George needs to give someone the scholarship for entering in his job, and only agrees because he wants him to accomplish his dream, but later on he decides to change his profession and George takes it away, which causes him to go out with the van buren boys which are really bad gangs. Meanwhile, Peterman decides to buy out all of Kramer's stories to put it on his autobiography that Elaine is writing, and Jerry begins to date a woman that is perfect, but everyone seems to find a problem in her. Really cool!
  • Kramer is in Lorenzos pizza and is ambushed by the VanBuren Boys, but accidentally holds up 8 fingers so they think he was a member. George has to pick someone for the Scholarship. Elaine uses Kramer stories b/c Peterman is really boring for his bio.

    I think this is a great episode just because of Kramers pants story, and his jackass friends. And it sets up the muffin top episode b/c it leads to his peterman reality bus tour. Then to add Stephen Koren in the episode, one of the names rolled in the credits, as the kid wanting to be an archetect. The kids exactly like George, a liar, terrible in school, and makes up achess player. And he knows how to read according to George, even with a low GPA. Its also funny that Jerry's girlfriend is a knockout but everyone thinks shes a loser. And when his parents like her he wants to call that Amber girl. We find out how incredibly boring peterman is when he has a small place to flop and how he forgot to gives his plants food, but finds a coupon for it.
  • To be honest it was more below average to me.

    Sorry, but this episode just lacked something to me. Yeah, it was really funny, but lacked something other episodes have that makes me laugh out loud. And besides, I am supposed to rate these episodes compared to the other episodes in the series, so, well, now what? George's story wasn't that funny to me, but it was ok, the city builder idea for the boy seemed fake to me at first, but it turned out to be real. Elaine and Cramer's story was just, I don't know, usually I like Elaine's part the best or second best but I just didn't like it this episode. Jerry's part was probably the best for me this episode, with the seemingle perfect girl, until he sees the light. Well, good episode.
  • George gives away The Susan Ross Scholarship.

    Season 8 was a huge disappointment when you factor in how great Seinfeld was. This episode is an exception as it is perfectly written. While the Jerry storyline is a bit bizarre and really doesn't make sense, there are so many strong scenes in this episode. Peterman complaining about the channels being changed, George shutting down the "annoying little overachievers" and Kramer nearly getting attacked by the Van Buren Boys.

    This is an excellent example of what Seinfeld can be and how the humor is just on another level compared to every sitcom prior and every show since it left the airwaves. George and Jerry's sarcastic and dry wit is unmatched.
  • Ellen.

    Well this episode, wasn't really doing it for me. The whole "Van B" storyline wasn't very good. I don't think it was Seinfeld material. The whole episode revolves around George giving away the "Susan Ross Scholarship" Jerry dates a girl that is too perect, and tries to find flaws in her persona. Which I think was dumb of him, cause Ellen was a nice girl. Elaine writes Peterman's book with Kramer's stories, was the only highlight of the episode in my opinion. And Jerry finds a flaw in Ellen. His parents like her. Sort of a filler. It was eh, not so great.
  • awesome episode

    Here George thinks the whole group is making friends of Ealine all the time, were he really is the clown. Kramer shows of some of his past with a street gang. Great episode.